Brian Brase, Organizer of the People's Convoy

Despite the Communist Sounding Term

Mar 4, 2022

Brian Brase, one of the organizers of the People’s Convoy gave a morale speech at the end of the run. As I listened to this, it seemed hollow. What will tomorrow hold? There is no doubt that such speeches have become a routine. It’s evidence in his voice, if you listen close.

Tomorrow is the last official day of the People’s Convoy as it leads into Hagerstown, Maryland. Theoretically, his security detail has been in discussions with local police and other agencies concerning their intentions and objectives. I hope so, but that doesn’t include the federal agencies interested in busting up this convoy and persecuting those in attendance.

I’ve never soft-shoed that reality. This isn’t a game, not to them. I’ll be on hand to witness and record whatever I can see and report. This is when it all matters, when all the relationships count.

Don’t be hard on Brian, he’s a good man doing what he can see needs to be done. I wish more had that fortitude, but that doesn’t change the outcome. When you deal with tyrants, expecting decency is the first mistake. All of this is more about optics than substance, even on the trucker’s side. That’s okay. This is the second wave after the January 6th people expected decency. Soon, we’ll stop expecting it and stop offering it.