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Texas TL in Exile Ep 13

The Beginning

            After driving all night and half of the next day, I sat in the car, looking out at the scene of the People’s Convoy; dirt parking lots, lots of wind in excess of 45 mph, making whatever efforts I made to record or evaluate the crowd meaningless. When people can’t hear each other talk for the whistling of the wind, it’s difficult to do an interview and if I were like the others, who were only going to be there that day, I would have gotten the interviews anyway, but I’m with the convoy for the long haul.

            At the end of that frustrating day, however, I felt as if none of it mattered. Yes, after all I had been through to get there, it felt empty, hollow, because I realized that when they decide to jail us all, the feds would sweep through without an ounce of resistance and the United States as a people would shrug and go about their business. As I thought about it more, sitting in the cold car, I realized that when this freedom is gone, the last bit of it while they gather all of their intelligence on who is there, where they are parked, what they are saying and soon, what they’re thinking, what will they have achieved but the death of everything that makes the world a unique and interesting place?

            Government is a machine that searches for power, constantly on the prowl, tipping over trash cans, pushing on doors to see if they’re open, like a mechanical bear. It’s insatiable; always, always, more and more. Until it empties the world of creativity and innovation through enforced common thought. You don’t get both, sorry. One or the other, power or dynamic, free intelligence. So, it continues on, without thought, without inspiration. Government thinks that it’s supporting ingenuity and creativity because it looks for unique ways to achieve more power; all of human intelligence grinding along looking for that one extra ounce from some newly discovered source.

            Our labor pays for their ability to censor us and force us closer and closer to our labor as the only value of a human being. The mind that can see their faults is not tolerated, so the mind that can create something beautiful is censored. It’s a constant, downward spiral that the governmental machine cannot see, feel or hear for the pounding of the pistons forming power from the raw freedom.

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