Texas TL in Exile Ep 14

The events of leading to Kingman

The ride to Kingman was uplifting. The day before I felt like it was all pointless, even though there was a good crowd in California. I mean, what can a few folks do by showing up? But the ride to Kingman was a little different. Every overpass almost was filled with supporters, people stopped along the road to wave flags. There is a real sense that the people have had enough of this, but it’s going to take some heavy-hitters to make sure DOJ and other nefarious forces on the American left aren’t successful in making this about anything other than a rogue, unelected government.

The scene at Kingman was overwhelming. They were lined up on the sides of the road at the destination for at least a half mile in both directions and as many parked in fields along the road before any of the convoy arrived and when they did, it was jubilant! Wish that was the video that worked instead of some of the others, but all I can do is record it, the electronic gods have control of the rest.

T.L. Davis