You are not wrong. I believe your description will prove to be the most accurate, even though you (kindly) leave the details vague. Either way, we are in for an unimaginable fight against evil.

Your writing is helping us coalesce around the ideas you form. I pray that we will unite and fight. There is no alternative.

God bless you and keep you.

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Ditto to you T.L.D. and the response JP gave as well. I am also

deliberately wanting to keep to vague, instead of elaborating as

I would otherwise. Here is a link to the AG of MI citing 16 peeps

for felony charges, etc.


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<"This only suggests one thing, that the republic has fallen into enemy hands and must be wrested from them. They will never give it up.">

This is very powerful. It is also a difficult challenge, we must endure a populace that feels voting is too much trouble for them, expecting utopia served on a silver platter for their consumption.

If we can't count on our fellow 'Murcans ("real" Americans, not "new" Americans) to participate in "their" Country's good times, how much help can we expect to correct the course, which will require genuine effort and sacrifice if we are to see a chance of recovering Liberty?

By the time these "special Americans" who have never voted for anything regarding "their" gubmint realize this is fo' real, and they don't really matter anymore, it will be too late.

"US of A KIA today, cause of death to be ruled as "complacency and ignorance w/ complications relating to Communism and Pro Sports addiction." RIP.

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"An evil enemy, will burn his own nation to the ground….to rule over the ashes. “ Sun Tzu

Hi, T.L. I've been away. Watching the sunrise and slinging a surf rod has a way of clearing out the cobwebs. Sun Tzu is correct. The communist bastards now in control of the levers of power both here and elsewhere will burn it all down before admitting defeat.

The Dis-united States are still here but America as we knew it is gone. There is no making it great again or taking it back. There is nothing remaining to work with, only good patriots who should coalesce to survive whats coming (if possible).

I don't believe Biden will be the nominee. I don't see him making it to the end of his term. Obama and his handler (Satan) wants a fourth term. What better than to have his wife elected? That is, if there IS an election (or what they will call an election). If they keep poking the Bear there may only be ashes left for real. Me? I plan to head back to the coast in a couple weeks. May not have the opportunity much longer however things go.

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