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Correct on all accounts. I’ve said it a thousand times. Most people are too comfortable as you mention, T. L. Until a crash occurs or the lights go out, there is still food in the fridge, booze in the liquor cabinet, sports on TV, etc, etc.

It is going to take major pain for the majority of the populace to awaken the masses from the slumber and programming to get them off the couch.

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It’s a matter of will, but will is a matter of motivation. We’re all addicted to our comforts. We don’t even have to work. TV tonight said in NJ unemployment welfare comes to $95,000. Less in other places, but comfortable. If that jacks up the economy, no problem -- the government lies about it. Last quarter employment numbers from labor department said the economy added a million jobs. The Fed corrected that to about 10,000. The workforce is at record low portion of the population. Sixty percent of the working age population is supporting themselves and the other 40%. No society can survive that much unproductivity, that many slackers. The government compensates by tightening controls on the dwindling productive group to keep them in line. Eventually conditions will become bad enough that the productive will rebel. The government will become unable to continue bribing the slackers, and they, too, will rebel. Not yet, but soon. We’re still too comfortable. Bad as things seem, they’ll need to get worse before we summon the will to correct those conditions. Our only rights are those we fight for, and win. Most people aren’t capable of winning, even if they do find the will to fight. Maybe enough will be prepared when the time comes. Not yet.

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Well said, T.L.

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Ty once again. We do not spring from ignorance, delusion, or complacency

into action against tyranny. It takes some time to integrate/assimilate/realize

how our Republic has devolved into tyranny. This, and speaking as a woman

and for myself. Men are quite different. They may or may not be smarter but

they used to have a warrior spirit/many still do. Gov. Corp. has aligned against

the people in countless ways and this is becoming more and more obvious.

Isn't there some truth in a courageous 3%? I wish it were a hardy 10-20% actually.

Step one (again for myself) is study and wise up/and Do not Comply. We know that those

that speak out with a loud and widely distributed voice can be eliminated. So foul

are the soul sellers that they can easily murder others to save their perceived power

and wealth. So shrug shoulders men and lead the way for the timid. We have bad changes

coming so we will need leaders more than ever. Their is no shame in following a strong

leader, because not every person can be the Chief. Yes, we can organize into groups and cooperatives.

We must do that or we will fall off the cliff into oblivion. May God help the strong men

amongst us. Pray for peace and wisdom.

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So true Suzanna. Wasn't that many years ago that my eyes were blind to what this country had become. I'm too old to go into battle, but I'll do so if necessary. Even in his day Jack Hinson was considered too old to go to war. But when he had been pushed past his limits, he did so anyway. At this time I do my best to point men and women in the direction of the truth. Most don't want to see it, they prefer the "comfortable truth" they have been indoctrinated into.

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