The trouble with gold or silver backed digital currency - or even paper currency - is that the currency is very rarely if ever redeemable for the physical metal. You need to be able to get one silver $1 coin or gold $20 coin, each coin being one ounce, on demand, for every digital or paper note issued and in your possession. If you can't do that, the currency is prima facie fraudulent. As for the Administrative State, I suggest this - https://scholarship.law.bu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1941&context=faculty_scholarship - and as for history, the revolution was in 1937: https://cdn.mises.org/Peoples%20Pottage_2.pdf

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I've come to the conclusion that Ag is superior to Au for typical trade, but that Pb is far superior to either both for trade and for other far more important important exchanges.

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Okay the TLD, we get the point. The "money" system is paramount, but it will be bumpy

any way one analyzes it because the .gov will squash honest $ like a bug/it will be named

treasonous to balk/advocate for change.

I have been listening to some of RFKjr, and he gives us some history that is worth noting.

Everyone is SICK and tired about the big C, but know this: The plan for the "pandemic" was

very long in coming and it was organized and pd. for by the NSA and the Pentagon. Find the

man and listen to his interviews/discussions. Discover how .gov has been "testing" infectious

compounds, (both weaponized ticks etc. to spraying compounds in the air) in various states

for many decades. Pfizer was under contract (and others) to create the jabs each with different

strengths/concentrations/compounds/additives to test efficacy. Is there any institution in the US

that is honest? The CBDC/Bankers want to control and be in charge of financial transactions

with a social credit score digital system to torture us while waiting for the disease to be

introduced. We are boxed in here people. The goal was to kill and maim people =murder.

Thank you for the links. Not feeling very optimistic today. Remember the 2 African presidents

that refused to introduce the vax in their countries? They were dead within days of each other.

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Appealing to my “ Representatives” is an exercise in futility, they not only are drinking the kool-aid they’re making it. Doesn’t mean we quit poking the bear but know that we’re on their radar.

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UNI_Party USSA of the Bushie, Clintoon, Obamaite-Bid$ Cartel NWO Crime Families are happy and doing just fine, Comrades. them/they; are expecting to have wonderful summer vacations.

I Spit. as usual, ....probably to little avail, but spitting has become a habit.


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I listened to an interview today with Steve Bannon. I like Bannon. But I don't think even he has a clear handle on the totality of whats really occurring. Why I think that is because Bannon thinks we still have a chance, although a very small one, to pull out of this death dive we as a country and society are currently in. To use an analogy, folks like Bannon are only looking at the poisonous plant. They don't bother looking at the roots and whats nourishing it. Whats nourishing it is the most evil ever to exist in the cosmos - Lucifer. Its roots extend back eons to the angelic war against God in the Third Heaven. (OK, he's getting weird again!) Look... we are now under God's judgement. His hedge of protection has been removed. The United States of America is swiftly morphing into the World's pariah if not already. Not only has this country become perverse and amoral, it has spread every conceivable perversion and corruption around the globe. God is fed up with that crap! If God allows this country to slide He will owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah. I sincerely believe the US is the Mystery Babylon as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. If you haven't read it, or even if you have, review what John says. We will not be around for the ninth inning! Now that IS in the plan.. God's plan. If you haven't bent the knee, asked for forgiveness, repented and joined the winning team its important that you do so. Its the most important prep you can do, in fact. Now I've gotten all preachy and I didn't intend on doing that. It just came out. There is just nothing we can do to change whats coming. The best we can do is recognize whats coming and prepare for it as we can. T.L. is right about figuring out a method of exchange in order to have a means of commerce. Personally I think it might have to go local because a majority of states just aren't going to move fast enough or move on it at all. When you get down to it, it will be community that will have to pull together. No one is coming to help us.

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