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Good morning, T.L. Your are right. The fear porn will become intense this week and next. It will scare a lot of people. Maybe enough to make McCarthy (who I don't trust to begin with) cave and pass 'Sippy Cup's' ceiling increase. Even so, what about other countries? Even if many Americans don't see or understand the precipice we are teetering on, other countries do. Why should they invest in a broken down nag when better choices are now available. Besides, a lot of those other countries harbor a lot of animosity against the US because of the strong arm tactics having been used against them over the decades. The economy is corrupt and it affects us all. But, seriously, I don't believe its the worst of our problems.

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Good Morning TLD,

Right on and to the point and you have captured the essence of the thing.

A picture tells a thousand words, and your choice of picture gives us the idea.

Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase, wants the .gov to help him in his quest to

be the biggest bestest banker and suggests .gov employ eminent domain rules

to help him get the land he needs for building smart cities.

The little guy with his paltry $250K (insured) retirement savings might survive for a time,

but business accounts will not. The preferred business accounts will be bailed out, the

mighty Janet Yelling told us right out. And, of course media will hail them and tell the

ordinary citizen he needs to sacrifice his life for the "greater good". Communism.


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Well, "the good newz" is that We won't have to wait much longer. the "bad newz" is that the "IT" in TSHTF will Exceed my worst estimates.

Michael Yon should be listened to https://www.bitchute.com/video/TS42sJ8TbEne/

I know you and your readers are informed, I only want to get this info out of our bubble..... if possible.

All the best

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It's coming at us fast and when it breaks it will probably be epic.

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