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Well said, sir!

And, in the immortal words of the reformed communist Mike Vanderboegh:

"Defy. Resist. Evade. Smuggle."

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So then, where does one start? I am now fast into my 7th decade, and being a solid

reader have realized since my first decade, that feudalism is the default system for the


We immigrated from a reviled war torn nation (me, Mom and Pop) where people

had to double up in housing, and food was rationed. America was good to the parents, but

not so good for me. I was stuck in the school system. I learned to read before I was comfortable

speaking. Often, and especially when I was older, I sat in the back and quietly read. The teachers

were mostly duds and didn't care, so I didn't care either.

Back in the city, I knew what was coming, tried to discuss it with my friends, but my ideas were

entirely unwelcome. I had given up hope with Bush 2, and his warring ways, and then Obama.

Turns out they wanted Hillary, but settled easily for Obama. I began to plot my escape.

2023 is likely going to be hell here in the states. We complain about inflation, but next year

there may be little to buy. There aren't food reserves and this summer is all heat and drought.

The prez is selling our oil reserve to Europe and China...and BTW, Germany and China teamed

up their pharmas, and now China is manufacturing all things Covid in NE states here in the USA.

Source: (long and technical, facts not opinion)


I plan to help and cooperate with family and neighbors as needed. I am (and the Mr.) trying for

independence as much as possible. We have been hard workers all along, and we are smart

and have a few skills including basic medical experience. That is giving me inspiration now

to stock some antibiotics from one of the companies that cares and provides. That may help

us and others...but I do need to keep books at hand. I have those at least.

Thanks T.L., you are a dear man.

Best regards,


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I received a visit some years ago by a state police investigator. Dressed casually in civies and sporting a friendly (too friendly) demeanor he said that a neighbor had complained that I had been doing a lot of shooting. I asked which neighbor. Can't say, he responded. I knew it wasn't a neighbor. All my neighbors shoot, and I hadn't fired a round in two months. He talked to me about prepping and even asked if i watched that stupid show "American Preppers". I just acted ignorant of it all. He also said the complainant said I had a bunker. I told him that I actually had two, and would he like to see them? I walked him around back and showed him my chicken coop. "Thats my newest one" I said, "But look down there. Thats the second one. I made it look like a horse barn". He got the message and soon departed. The state fusion center had dispatched him. I'm sure the complaint was made by one of the local communists I verbally spared with on the local newspaper's electronic editorial page. It could be described as a sort of "swatting" I suppose.

I think most people that comply with the tyranny are either ignorant or afraid not too. They may not even recognize it as a form of treason. They have just been conditioned to obey. Some, like the small business owners during the Covid fraud, were threatened with heavy fines or loss of license if they didn't comply. Hard decision. But standing there feeling you are all alone and vulnerable is difficult psychologically when confronted by the prospect of losing one's livelihood. I like to think that if it were me I wouldn't comply. I have always had that streak. But I was never in that position.

Its heading towards a lot worse. The communists are afraid of losing their power and they are desperate. They will do anything to stay in control. They are very dangerous.

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