I only had time to skim your article, since I'm only on a temporary break from working. I believed in Trump the first time he ran, only to be profoundly disappointed. He has no courage, no morals, no foresight, no vision. As a woman in the Secret of Santa Vittoria said about a man who was giving into the enemy, "No eggs!" Trump jumps when someone on the left says, "Boo!" He blusters, like bullies do, but folds when there's any resistance. I wish he was the man I had thought he was, but he isn't. At this point, I'm just sitting back and waiting.

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I agree wholeheartedly. We have already collapsed but until folks can't get the essentials they have come to expect it will be business as usual. Groups, militias and neighborhood cooperation will be the result. I've told my adult children that when SHTF lock&load, hunker down, and wait for the stupid people to die off. Sounds crazy but like you I too can come up with a list of things that will never happen!

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GW Bush sold his share of the Texas Rangers, went to Washington and then sold out the country. Texas can’t be a part of a solution for patriots until the Bush family influence here is gone.

As the days of my youth fade away as distant memories, the things I believed in have been destroyed by the communists and the globalists until I no longer recognize the country I grew up in.

As a nation, we citizens failed to understand that freedom, once attained, must continue to be fought for or else it will be lost.

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T.L. DAVIS...THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT ARTICLE you wrote! Sometimes, there are no words for how many of us think and feel. YOU explained it perfectly! I’m sure God and His angels helped you.

God bless you my countryman!

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If I were to complete an autopsy on the current federal government I would find that it consists of Luciferians/globalists, pedos, crooks, go alongs, communists, psychopaths, diversity appointees, and buffoons. Some members may qualify for more than one of those categories. Don't know how the percentages would shake out, but its a toxic blend and has been for some time. Greed together with an unhealthy lust for power by government always leads to a tyranny. Add to the mix a dark Luciferian-driven agenda and it will lead to mass murder. Thats the direction in which we are being taken.

A saying by some of the old timers around here is that you can't take chicken *S* and make chicken salad. What this federal disaster of a government is attempting to do is take chicken *S* and forcefully mandate we accept it as chicken salad and they no longer even try to cover up the ruse or the contempt in which they hold us. The strong tree that was America had been chopped down. Now they are busy trying to kill the roots, the last vestige of what was, and they dare not want it to regenerate. I don't believe they will succeed. They will never kill all the roots. I am beginning to see that life remains as more and more of our people wake to what has, and is, being done to them. Our lives will never be as they were, and we are in for some hard, difficult, and bloody times. But I believe there is light at the end if we hold fast.

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Hey TL:

Been following & supporting your ops for quite a while. I made donations to the original production of lies & omissions. Been donating on & off since then as funds allow, my mom’s Alzheimer’s continues her decline, the insane lockdown policies sadly accelerated her decline as anyone with a bit of common sense knew concerning Alzheimer’s patients. Another great gov’t policy! Thankfully I was able to protect her from the not-a-vax shot.

Myself and I suspect most of your readers, will be in agreement with your post. I haven’t voted for many decades and though a pipe-dream, I have advocated for secession for quite some time, as the constitution & bill of rights has become TP for wiping our butts.

But none of this is really news to you, me or your readers. Like I said when L&O was originally released, this is much like preaching to the choir. While I have been making preps of food, med supplies, water, etc. for my family. This is a temporary & probably dangerous position. Lone wolf folks don’t last long ( reference Selco’s experiences ).

What we need are collections/groups/communities of like minded folks, both for collective defense/protection but more importantly to rebuild our society based on the original principles that our nation was founded on. That will require folks with a variety of skills, medical, electrical/grid rebuild, water/sewage, crop cultivation, animal/herd knowledge, the list goes on.

My concern and probably most other folks as well, will be Opsec! The gov’t does not want a self-sufficient populace, we need to be made compliant. So that’s a real concern.

I currently live in a suburb of a million+ size city, the normalcy bias that afflicts 99% of my neighborhood is astounding, so even trying to engage in such conversations is problematic and possibly dangerous to my family.

So I am reaching out to you & your readers, for ideas on how we might possibly put these groups together (safely)? You say at the end we will survive when the Feds collapse, but I have little faith in most state govt, they are simply fed govt wannabes for the most part. So then it’s on us and while if I am very lucky, my family might survive for a year, then what? My crystal ball is murky, but the future looks a bit grim if the plan is things will just magically work out?

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