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I hear you loud and clear brother, but there being no coordination amongst patriots, lone or singular action only reaps very small benefit and then you're simply labeled by the MSM as a "right-wing kook and zip gets accomplished. How to coordinate amongst those willing is the big question in my view.

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This will be the most important essay ever written by T.L. Davis

I have turned back to cash and it is not that hard, if you look at it as an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

The single biggest threat to Americans and human beings, in general, lies in this issue.

START DOING... or we are done for!


Jack Lawson

Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

Author of the “Civil Defense Manual,” “The Slaver’s Wheel,” “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil” and “In Defense.”

“When the lies become commonplace, people believe them as fact… and when that “fact” is what is printed and known by most people it becomes “The Legend” …the real truth is gone forever… and what is left is ONLY “The Legend.” Such is the case of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, whose capabilities and record were a total fabrication and who was a failure as a soldier and leader.” Not my words… these words are from the guy in my SF Chapter who helped hunt Guevara down and kill this evil human being in Bolivia. Author Jack Lawson

From Jack Lawson… an American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1976-79

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Oh TL, why are you always very right about these things? Perhaps because you are well

versed/knowledgeable about the human need to belong and conform. I was able to identify

hypocrisy at a very young age. I was not an English speaker (that took some time), but I could

understand the language earlier on. I could understand people's actions proved other than

people's words. Whatever, who cares about that.

I heard some financial smarties discussing the CBDC issue and how it might evolve. I can't

take any credit for the theory but it makes sense. Bankers et al will go after the dependent

class first. Want your SS payment? Want your food stamps/credit card loaded? Want your

disability payments, or any monies due the entitled underclass? Want free $$ for your

immigrant status, legal or border crosser? Well...CBDC for you or you are out. These people

will rush to "sign up". Underwater on your mortgage or car loans? Credit card debt? Some

of those will go away...if you sign on. Want to shop, get a license to drive, work, enjoy any

commerce? Better to sign up or you will not participate. You see the dilemma right? These

latter are my ideas, but they follow on as likelihood/extensions of the former. The "Great

Reset" here we go.

The trans fad, the library story hours, sex change surgery/meds free for those in the armed

forces, masks and vaxx demand; these all prove the majority can be counted on to follow

along with any BS they strike us with. Nuclear war, zillions to Zelinsky, homeless on the streets,

hard killer drugs available to the disenfranchised. Next it will be the Canadian model...unhappy?

We will assist you with your suicide for free!! I am pessimistic today. Christians are terrorists

don't you know? The country is deeply divided and minorities are being infused with hatred

for the white male in particular. Remember, anyone can graduate HS without knowing how

to read or add a column of numbers. I am pessimistic today. Idiots abound.

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Cash is the answer. And I can tell you, after the SVB obscenity, more and more folks at the BigBox are using cash. They do not want to hear about a store credit card that "pays them back" with 5% on everything you buy! Most folks cannot handle credit, and do just fine with grandpa's money envelopes. Remember those? My mother used those in the '60's. Envelopes or canning jars, labeled and adhered to. If it said RENT-they didn't just spend more and rob the envelope -you did without. Everyone forgets that entire families got raised, bills were paid, houses purchased, and a life well-lived was done on cash. Credit card companies are WAY INTO YOUR BUSINESS. The track every purchase, where you made it, how far from your home, how many times you bought a product, etc. It's crazy, deceitful, and beyond their scope of finance. However-they do it anyway, with the full blessing of the fedgov. I read where RFK,Jr's second wife, was under a lot of financial pressure during their divorce; like $60,000+ to American Express. I am sure that there was more. The poor woman ended up hanging herself in a barn. Don't get that desperate. Dave Ramsey is a rich man cuz he reminds everyone that at one point he could not handle money and credit. Buy one of his books-the man is an expert-and get your life turned around. And yes, I was as much a sinner as anyone else. We teach children all about transgenderism, sex practices, and queer theory. Yet, we leave out home ec, shop, and financial responsibilities. So, do your job at home; teach your kids the REAL skills they will need for a successful life!

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Little late to the party here, been a bit busy.

Saw that the euros want to go that route, some old communist hag was saying no cash transactions over 1k would be allowed.

Yeah hard no on that.

Invasion of privacy just a bit. I see don't see Americans going for that

Euros either.

. gov will have to legalize all drugs and prostitution so they get their skim,

Course they are working on that now.

Getting close to monkey wrench

Hackers UP FRONT!

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I read somewhere recently where it was said that the public are morons with the critical thinking skills of a 12-yr old. Personally, I think the person saying that gives the public too much credit. The 'other side' was absolutely stunned over the success they had making the public close up, lock down, wear face diapers, and get the 'clot shots'. They were not doubt euphoric in the meeting rooms at Davos. To them it was like winning the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the lottery all at once. Such success has acted to cause them to speed up their agenda. Instilling fear in the public was so easy and is such a great weapon to get what they want. But if the donkey decides to sit down the cart doesn't get pulled to its destination. Question is, how to make the donkey sit? I think the donkey must decide for itself to sit and not comply. Like the donkey, we must individually make the decision to 'sit'. No organization will be successful and any leaders can be marked for elimination. Neither is necessary however. Like Nancy Regan used to say, "Just say no!". But how many will? A good indicator I think is the lack of national anger and push back over the Stalinist treatment of jailed J6 protestors. Its not a good sign.

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