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The classic Cloward-Piven strategy on steroids.

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While many wring their towel soaked with the tears they shed decrying the crimes of domestic communists, none of them implore the implementation of the United States Constitution to correct the tyranny and treasons committed by "....enemies foreign and domestic" ! Specifically, at a minimum, using the 2nd Amendment to defend the United States.

Like so many other changes of word definitions by domestic communists to enhance their destructive agenda, the word and definition of "immigration" has been perverted to redefine the enemy invasion of our once, sovereign borders.

Those who have attacked and crossed our borders orchestrated by traitors are not immigrants; they are not migrants. This attack is not immigration. The perversion of the word "migrant" is just another change of definition by the communists to hide the truth; to further their agenda of the New World Order.

Reading this recent essay of yours I am compelled to ask you why you insist on referring to this physical attack by millions of foreign enemies from more than 100 countries, against the citizens of what is left of this nation, as "immigration" ?

Please. I implore you. Cease using the language preferred by our domestic enemies.

Words have meaning.


Erie County, Pennsylvania

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