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Evil bastards.....an utterance emanating from my mouth at least once a day, for at least the last five years.

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T. L., and everyone. If you have not seen this interview of Brunson and the case that will be heard on 1/6, it's worth listening to.


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Indeed TLD, Barr just "ruled" the elections were valid and that was the final word.

I like to say Basterds, as many of these "rulers" are a pile of shite. Here is the answer:

Any sheriff or legislator that tries to initiate a case/complaint/lawsuit may/will be be

hammered down like a wayward nail in a flooring project.

The issue, as I see it, is that some 60% of the "people" like the free $, (socialism) and

are waiting for the trouble to die down so they may get to business as usual. Another

20% do not have a clue and are clamoring for what they are due, (reparations/welfare)

money. This is systemic and inter-generational plus no education or will to do anything

else. The 20% left are fearful of stirring the pot lest they are singled out for warning, job loss

or whatever bad may befall them and their family. Military and police are part of the

bureaucracy and their paychecks depend on compliance. "They" the legislators, are

captured, blackmailed etc. and don't forget they partook of the illegal monies to line

their coffers as did the so many others. Too many in the general bureaucracy overall

have seen financial gain in this system. Most that sought to expose the illegally (those

with some credibility) run system have died trying. And...that doesn't count the clot shots.

The kicker will be when power is rationed, food is scarce or unobtainable due to cost, and

necessary shelter is also unobtainable. We currently see hoards of homeless coping in tents

or makeshift shelters lining the streets of the more clement cities. We see them hooked on

serious deadly drugs and drunk on near free pot legalized by NYC for example.

It will take a while for the former middle class to balk. We are headed in the wrong direction

just now.

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Interesting background of Brunson at goldenageofgaia.com suggests the supremes are using this as leverage to counter dem threats to pack the court. If Congress proceeds with that, SCOTUS will just repack Congress and POTUS. Lots of shenanigans goin on. Probably important to keep that revolver handy, and plenty of ammo.

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Received your novels Rebel and Rogue on 12/30 22... finished them on 1/2/23,

very entertaining, thank you. I have to wonder "what would Lane Daniels do?"

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The way it appears, I'm sorry to say, is that individual citizens and groups can file all the charges they want but if the courts refuse to even hear them whats the point? Lots of evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. The courts wouldn't even entertain any hearings. The entire justice system is rotten to its core as is the entire 'system' in its entirety. So, what does someone do when a building becomes so derelict, corrupted, and dangerous? Well, you can move out and try and live remote from it and just watch it finally crumble. Or, you demolish it and build a new one so you have shelter again. Although many are complaining about the building, few seem eager to move out and even fewer for building anew. Maybe 2023 will change that. Or not.

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