The Bill of Rights is irrelevant unless the Article 2 authorities uphold it, and the Article 1 authorities demand it. Currently, the Article 2 authority (Joe) is intent on ignoring the Constitution and his oath to support and defend it, and the Article 1 authorities (Nancy, et al) fully support the tyranny. We have an upcoming opportunity to correct the Congress, in November, and that's our best hope. We must all focus all our energies on fixing that. Then we must become even more focused on removing Joe and replacing him with someone with more integrity.

Failing that, our next best hope is Article 5, to correct whatever Constitutional deficiencies allowed us to get to this state. That requires concurrence by 34 states, which is unlikely in a sharply polarized country. So the likely outcome would be war.

We must win in November.

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I would call it communism rather than fascism.

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