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2 Thumbs up!! Glad you wrote about this, T.L. This has been a pet peeve of mine forever. I lost count a long time ago, of how many times I've argued about this green BS. Yes, there really are true believers out there, and they are absolutely a cult! And, as you state, the one word description for all this is: CONTROL. Nothing more, nothing less. We need to be fixed in place, you see, so our "betters" (eye roll) can do what's best for us (another eye roll).

If this EV nonsense had been in effect in years past, I'd have never been able to make a living. In my trade (Pipefitter), a close job was 30+ miles away. I spent most of my years working in other states, chasing overtime jobs where the $$ were better. Couldn't have done it with a &*^$&(* EV!

You're MUCH more polite by telling TPTB and the cultists to 'piss off'. I won't put in print what my reaction is. And you're correct - they live in a make believe world where there are no consequences for anything they do. Those only exist for us.

Y'all take care,


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Polite isn't working. We'll need to be more assertive.

The climate fraud isn't their objective, it's just a symptom of a much broader war. Their insane tactics are the thousand cuts that, individually, are nuisances, but combined will bleed us out. Many will not survive. Everyone will be damaged. As with every war, the longer we wait to react, the messier the conflict. We need to begin confronting these assaults on civilization more aggressively. They interpret our acquiescence as acceptance. Appeasement never works.

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The $$$for infrastructure repair has all been swindled, stolen, laundered and secreted

to private accounts held by political frauds. Thirty years at least...and now we give 80

billion to Ukraine/Zelinsky? I am under no illusions and certainly am not delusional.

The corruption is solid to the core. Green Science is a big scam. "They" want to steal

every last dime we have and have us live in a closet. Good luck with that.

Thanks T.L.

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I would expect anyone of a rational thinking nature and still having the skill of critical thinking sees this climate change buffoonery for exactly what it is... a contrivance by the communists to manipulate the gullible masses that will result in more power and control for the communists. Climate emergency, medical emergency, constitutional emergency, water emergency.... anything the communists tack on the word "emergency" to is a sure tell that they are conspiring to implement more ways in which to control you, me, the entire population while fabricating more power for themselves.

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