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Prepare for impact.

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I have often wondered what was going through the minds of Romans from 400 to 480 AD... the time of the collapse of their country and the territories it occupied.

I have realized lately... that what was going through their mind, is what is now going through my mind and that of most Americans.

Jack Lawson

Associate Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

“Whenever there is a jackboot stepping on a human face, there will be a well-heeled Western Liberal to explain that the face does, after all, enjoy free health care and 100% literacy” – John Derbyshire

From Jack Lawson… an American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1977-79

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Huge fan of your writing, new subscriber (just subscribed, annual), and I don't disagree with a single word you wrote. My take on your question, after nearly two decades (I'm 52 and became aware in 2006) of learning/ preparing/waiting for the collapse, can be summed up in four points:

1. We have grossly underestimated our enemy. For years, we have been presented with images of blue-haired, soy-boy, transgender Antifa and looting BLM as our adversaries. They are not, but the constant coverage of their hijinks has caused "our side" to focus on their infantile barbarism and many believed them to be the clumsy foe we had to defeat in order to achieve victory. Wrong. We are dealing with highly successful, highly motivated, and highly intelligent adversaries who have ruled the planet for generations. We don't know their names and we will never know their faces. Focus should always be local ,local, local.

2. We have completely misunderstood what "collapse" would look like. For years I was told that a stock market collapse, martial law, FEMA camps, etc., would herald the start of collapse. I now know that these are all trailing indicators that come at the absolute end of a takeover. We have been waiting for the head shot while they have been slowly bleeding us with a thousand cuts to the body. The elite have no plans to destroy the planet with nukes and hide in their bunkers. They will not give up their private jets, vast estates, and glorious mansions. Our future is The Hunger Games, not Red Dawn.

3. We have severely overestimated the resolve of many on "our side". Between 2012 and 2016, I traveled to prepper and "patriot" conventions all over the country. I'm probably being conservative when I say that 30% of the people I met had no interest whatsoever in restoring the nation to its former glory. They wanted to see shit burn in hopes of a second chance at righting the wrongs of a past riddled with bad choices. Their collapse fantasy consists of no more mortgage payments, no more car payments, no more child support payments, and a chance to see that successful couple down the street grovel at their feet for a can of chicken noodle soup. For many, collapse is about schadenfreude, not survival or rebuilding a constitutional republic. They will argue for days on the internet about 9mm vs .45, or AR vs AK but they will not fight and die for the cause we believe in.

4. There is no plan. We are experts at running around the house while it burns to the ground and screaming "the house is on fire!", we make epic memes about the fire, we share and like gaffes the fire made at a press conference, but we have failed to make any actionable plan to extinguish the fire because that's gonna hurt. I am as guilty as anyone. I have spent the last few years making sure my family is extremely well taken care of. Show me a workable plan and I am on board.

If I have overstepped the bounds here, I apologize in advance. Thank you again for you great writing.

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I wish I could offer something more, some insight, an idea, anything other than the reality I see.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Sometimes it's just up to you, and if there are enough of "You", then it might secure a free community and neighborhood. The County Govs probably won't survive intact if it goes Full Re-tard. CYA, Pray, or whatever gives you some comfort.

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It has to crash and it will crash, but there is still borrowed $ to steal (embezzle) and value

to be stripped before we all realize it has crashed. The thieves also want to remain in control

of future $/finances so they may continue the quest to "rule the world". In my opinion the

system has crashed. .Gov is gone, justice system is gone, morals gone, medical integrity gone,

either it is gone or upside down. In San-Fran people walking dodge homeless and poopy

piles . Walking around in the wrong place gets you killed in NYC. The presidents idea of

progress is giving out free drug paraphernalia that is clean and "safe". Pharma is openly

killing people, and drugs, poisoned food and no health care is killing even more. Most

everything has already crashed and burned. And they are trying to kill us,more with each

passing day. Look out! Nukes incoming!

What would you have us do T.L.? Storm the Bastille? Become the domestic terrorist?

There is perhaps nothing we can do about DC and their partners in crime, bribed by Klaus

Schwab et al. We can hope to shore up our local communities by acting like humans and

caring for each other as like ourselves. You may be measuring others by your standards and REAL men. Half the country is obese, besotted with beer, sweet and salty snacks and frozen pizza.

Millions and millions are drugged and staring at their smart phones/likely most with the phones.

The only thing left are the remnant, the men and women that behave like men and women

were meant to. Would I like to lop off heads and fight to the death? Not really. I can't live

in a rage against evil. There is no where to start over, and no where to hide. A person like myself

can only hope for peace and the right to be left alone. Alone and near the woods, with the birds

and my beloved dogs and animals. I have a man, but he is in his second career, long haul

trucking. Everyone has the right to personal freedom when they strive for it. But we have

powerful enemies, the whole world does, and it is a very difficult time for all.

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Control of ourselves and of our destiny belongs to the powerful. Power is currently centered in the government. The most efficient solution is to replace the government. That begins in November. Support rational candidates. The biggest lesson from the recent disasters is complacency kills. We who survived were lucky, but won't remain lucky if we remain complacent. Complacency about people who control us is always a terminal error. We have to be as vigilant about the next government as if our lives depend on it. They do.

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"You have a republic, madam, if you can keep it" - Ben Franklin

We didn't keep it. We haven't had a republic for a long, long time... maybe since 1865 according to some. Don't fret too much over the lack of, or the why, Americans haven't risen up against the tyranny. The social cohesiveness has been successfully destroyed as those who would control us engineered division amongst the various population groups who now identify with a particular 'tribe' rather than as Americans, all. Everyday more illegals arrive who don't give a shit about becoming an American and are distributed by the occupying illegitimate government all over the country.

The "Greatest Generation" was the last generation who had the stones to have put a stop to the tyranny but they are history now. Those American foundational beliefs had more bricks kicked out with each succeeding generation to the point there are no bricks remaining today. The communists have been hard at work for 100 years to accomplish that. The freaks just held a "Kink & Fetish" festival in San Francisco. Can you even imagine our Father's generation allowing something like that? Thats how far we have fallen, T.L. Every perversion known to Man is now openly praised and practiced in what once was America. We are under God's judgement, T.L. There is a strong connection between what we see here today and with ancient Israel and our ending will be the same.

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I am reading the "Devil" book as of last evening. $3.00 on the

infamous AMZ.

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I really don't get why so many otherwise sane people are pro Putin... is it because the bare-chested tiger ride or something? Sure, Zelenski might be a little whiny bitch; sure Ukraine government might be corrupt... still, they didn't start the war. They wanted NATO protection? They sure did - Crimea and Feb 24th show why.

You might want to ponder why the Baltics or Poland or most of former Warsaw Pact are overwhelmingly behind Ukraine - let one Ukrainian lady explain:


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I just subscribed for this post alone.

Of the few like-minded brothers I have regular conversations with, we all mimic with amazement the brazenness of our "betters" unmet with ANY resistance.

Given your observations are accurate objectively, and your commentary subjectively rings true, wisdom demands a non-obvious response.

For me and mine, that means patience. Painful, frustrating, often mentally cloudy patience.

Seeing the world clearly, and the likelihood of it slipping off the cliff with us trapped inside, often constrains restful sleep. Not because I don't feel prepared mentally, physically and resource-wise, but because it is going to collapse. And there is no timing it nor projecting locations it's likely to happen.

So navigating in the day-to-day, common tasks that we performed a week, a month or a decade ago, becomes a looming energy suck of "head on a swivel".

To your point TL, the plan is not an extraordinary moment when the sides are clear for even the most sleepy sheep. The plan is to take away the will to respond through the slow drip of grinding frustration.

Waiting is hard. Luck favors the prepared. No one is coming. Everything is my responsibility. Kill those that need killing, save those that need saving. (Ode to Graham Combat's Killhouse Rules).

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