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Do I help with your trip expenses by buying the books, or is there another way?

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Brother I agree with every word, really a great and important piece....I just wish Trump had better instincts for picking people....it's weird that he doesn't. Gen. Flynn was his best pick, and we all saw how that went.

Pushing Trump WILL force the fascists to expend money and effort, although with access to the coffers of those such as Zuckerberg, Soros, et al methinks money will never be an issue for the enemies of America.

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Perhaps I need to re-read your opening paragraphs on Trump and DeSantis as I'm not completely sure of your meaning and where you actually stand on Trump beyond using him to fight the enemy. I'm not going to say much on DeSantis because there has been such a huge hit peace on him by all the talking heads that support Trump (like Bannon, Posobiec, and others) that I do not know what is fact from fiction. Since the moment this 2024 race started and Trump officially announced his running it has been a full court press to align DeSantis with the deep state. Maybe it is true, I just don't know yet. I do know that he has done a lot of good in Florida, and some things that are questionable.

Personally, I don't trust any of them. And, you and I may not agree on this but, I'm done with Trump. I voted for him 2x and it took me almost his 4 years in office, attempting to be as objective as possible to realize that he is all about himself. All about winning and the hell with real principles. And, the big one for me is Operation Warp Speed and how "I saved millions of lives". I have a few close, personal friends that because of him, they took the jab. One has stage 4 pancreatic cancer now and another has out of control high blood pressure and great fatigue.

To this day he has not recanted any of it. He has not even lied to say he was mislead. Nope, he still brags as one of his greatest achievements.

Anyway, back to stating that I probably need to go back and read this essay to make sure I got it right because right now, this may be the only essay that I would respectfully disagree with, if only in part.

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