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All true and verified, and worse actually. Austerity is coming and it will mean

poverty to the populous and their descendants. More likely they will take us to war:

Armageddon time for the USA. Elections? Necessity is the mother of invention, thus

the purple finger. That suggestion will be shot down 19 ways in 5 minutes.

That may torpedo equity and equality of outcomes. So would this one: The only people

eligible to vote would be male heads of household (whether they own or rent) that pay

their own way. Therefore, wards of the state, regardless the excuse, are ineligible to vote.

So sorry so sad; that includes Social Security people after a period of 5 years...starts at age 65,

ends at age 70. Just my 2 cents. Go ahead and hate on me.

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Our formerly great nation has been under assault by domestic enemies both Democrat and Republican traitors for decades !

Does anyone ever question or even ask themselves how Red China became a industrial and international giant ? In case one doesn't know it was the result of, literally, the wholesale transfer of American industrial strength & power to the communist Chinese. This treason perpetrated in 2000 by the passing of Permanent Normal Trade Relations for the Chinese Communists. This legislatiion passed and sent to Bill Clinton for his presidential signature by a Republican-controlled House in May 2000. PNTR effectively destroyed the American manufacturing industries wholesale. PNTR would eliminate American manufacturing and United States sovereignty. American corporations in the tens of thousands would literally box up their manufacturing plants and ship them lock, stock and barrel to Communist China. American technologies were also part of this massive transfer of wealth. America would see the loss of thousands and thousands of manufacturing jobs along with the millions of jobs loss in the support industries for American soon to be, communist Chinese industries.

The treason by American politicians and corporate leaders has been ongoing for decades. While these aforementioned Americans bear the bulk of blame for their insideous actions, let not the American people themselves escape culpability and responsibility for the destruction of their former USA. These indifferent citizens bear a large wealth of the blame for their own destruction; their own suicides. They continued to purchase the products with American names now made in Red China with Chinese slave labor. And of course these same Americans would reelect the same old treasonous scoundrels time and time again.

While many Traditional and Patriot Americans saw the writing of USA's forthcoming demise on the proverbial wall, we were never large enough in number or wealth to challenge the organized destruction of America. Too many of our fellow Americans were more interested in Sunday afternoon football and buying cheaper goods made by foreigners, then to worry and work against those very American traitors sending our nation down the toilet.

May God Bless what little remains of the nation we were born into.

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What is this "democracy" so many speak of? Isn't democracy the same as majority rule? Then what of the minority? Does the minority just have to 'eat it' and suffer along without hope of having their needs considered... ever? We never were a democracy. We were a constitutional republic where protections existed to prevent minorities from being perpetual door mats. I'm not sure what, exactly, we are these days. Certainly no constitutional republic any longer. Not a democracy, either, because the opposition that always wins isn't even a majority. They are a minority who has perfected stealing majority status and fooling people into believing they are the majority. Maybe we have a clepto-democracy?

Sadly, we the citizen, have no one representing us and providing push-back against the growing insanity. Oh, that "opposition party", the "esteemed colleague across the isle" fighting away on our behalf *laugh* would disagree. But in reality its like one of those WWE wrestling matches where the wrestlers go at each other in the public ring to keep the fantasy going, then go out together for cocktails, asking about each other's kids they send to one of those prestigious ivy league schools only those like them can afford.

So, the American citizen has some decisions to make, and be damn quick about it if they don't want to end up in chains. Too many other nations now see the US as unhinged, amoral, perverted, and a danger to the rest of the world. We are.. as a nation... a nation being lead by psychopaths, pedos, and thieves. They might make the decision for us.

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"Vladimir Putin was aghast at how the West has conducted the Ukraine war, shocked by the inhumanity of thrusting innocent soldiers into the blood-soaked maelstrom without a care, as if tossing their nation’s future into a meat grinder. No one who cares about his people would do such a thing."

That's precisely what *Putin* has done, except it's been with the ethnic minorities outside of the ethnic Russian majority states in the Russian Federation - Tajiks, Kazakhs, Chechens, Buryats, Dagestanis, and so many others. And he's doing it with those areas because he knows that doing it with the sons of Moscow and St Petersburg would spark a revolt. Of course, Putin's people are ethnic Russians, not those ethnic minorities...

"All the organizations and individuals that have spoken out against Russia’s war in Ukraine have been prosecuted into silence. Thus, vocal domestic opposition has remained in the shadows. Simultaneously, the Buryatia diaspora has become a vocal opponent to the war. The Free Buryatia Foundation, formed in early March as a response by ethnic-Buryats across the world, has worked to carry the message of opposition for those who cannot do so within Russia. On March 15, the foundation published a short video emphasizing Buryat’s stance against the war.

Alexandra Garmazhapova, co-founder of the foundation noted, “We got a million views and we were very surprised by the feedback. From Russian media it seemed like Buryatia was very much in support of the war, and we were nervous those in the country would be offended by the video. But very much the opposite, many in the region said they are glad they weren’t the only ones! Thousands of Buryats from the diaspora have reached out to us.”


"The question of why so many Buryats are dying is being discussed in every kitchen in the republic. Sometimes, dissatisfaction is expressed publicly. At the end of March, Buryatia’s Head Alexey Tsydenov gathered cultural leaders at the Buryatia Opera and Ballet Theater and read them a lecture about the “special operation.” After the lecture, the the Buryatia Drama Theater’s spokesperson, Batodalai Bagdayev asked the regional head, “You know Ceremonial Guard No.1 on Red Square? Have you ever seen anyone with ‘slanted eyes’ in it? The selection process for that brigade is obvious: they only want tall, blue-eyed, Slavic men. Our kind — bow-legged, short, high-cheekboned — aren’t wanted around there. But when it comes time for someone to die, we are the ones that they send.” https://meduza.io/en/feature/2022/05/05/everything-here-smells-like-the-dead-now

"It’s the dirty secret of the Russian military: Russia’s peripheral subjects—Buryats, Dagestanis, Tuvans—are Putin’s cannon fodder.

Consider the Buryats, one of Siberia’s largest Indigenous groups. Closely related to Mongolians, they were subjugated, annexed, and subsequently colonized by Russia in the 1600s. By analyzing open-source data such as obituaries and social media posts, Russian independent news outlets Mediazona and iStories found that by mid-May, Buryatia had the second-highest number of soldiers killed in Ukraine since the start of the invasion—just after Dagestan, another conquest of the Russian Empire. By May 18, Buryatia had lost 117 soldiers (the actual number is likely higher), whereas the city of Moscow, with a population around 15 times Buryatia’s, lost only three. Relative to the population, Buryatia’s rate of battle deaths was the highest in all of Russia. Go through lists of names of Russian war casualties, and the preponderance of Muslim names—mainly from units raised in Dagestan and other North Caucasus republics—is striking. Russians of Central Asian ethnicity are disproportionately dying as well: According to a report by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, at least 10 ethnic Tajiks have already been killed in Ukraine while fighting for Russia." https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/05/20/russia-ukraine-war-casualties-deaths-putin-ethnic-minorities-racism/

So whoever gave you the quote about Putin isn't telling the truth - far from it. And I doubt that they're telling the truth - other than the Russian Foreign Ministry's "truth" - about anything else. And you don't need to listen to Colonel MacGregor or Tucker Carlson for a story about Ukraine or Russia, just go to the Russian Foreign Ministry's web page, and you can get their talking points from there, directly from the source. The weirdest thing about this is how many American conservatives have been fooled into supporting a Stalinist Communist like Putin - but deception operations were a key part of the KGB where Putin served as a high-ranking officer - and they're working hard with him to restore the Communist Soviet Union, just under a different name. On occasion, though, they still use the same red flag.

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