So old Joe doubles down with using "Ultra MAGA" as an insult. That seems likely to backfire on him in November. Personally, I'm shooting to exceed ultra MAGA all the way to total MAGA. It does require training and experience, and a lot of commitment. Maybe someone will make a set of patches or pins that display MAGA rank.

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In my mind, "MAGA" means nothing more than restoring the American ethic. (Throughout our history, our governmental policies have, as often as not, been antithetical to that ethic.) I firmly believe that the real people of America -- those whose ancestors instilled that ethic in us -- see things the same way. I pray for our realization that we have to restore that ethic ... first in ourselves, then in our families, then in our communities, until our nation is whole again. It's a hard road, but only it leads to a positive future, in my opinion.

NB: see also Dr. Boyd Cathey's very similar latest:


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May 17, 2022Liked by T.L. Davis

A total idiot will make a good decision once in awhile. Its just how the odds stack up. But over the past 18 months that empty suit Biden hasn't made a single decision to the benefit of Americans... not one! The only conclusion a rational person can draw is that everything that buzzard does is on purpose to hurt America and Americans. But Biden is only the mouthpiece. The real devil resides in a mansion not far from the WH and it goes by the name Obama. I'm not so sure there will be an election next November. I know the enemy by now. They will stop at nothing to retain power and to subjugate all the rest of us. They are now crazed, and they get more crazy every day. There will be blood. My only question is what will everything look like once we come out the other side, because there is no going back to what was.

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