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Mafiocracy on the one hand and Repertory Theater on the other.

Rebellion? Not yet. We (the people) are in a 24h boxing match being pummeled

relentlessly. People have little opportunity to even come up for some air, as every

day brings more disasters and promise of fiscal ruin. Normalicy Bias is a hard habit

to kick, and people hope against hope that someone/something will emerge to

restore normal. Normal is dead and gone and damage to the country is irreparable.

Rebellion will come when people are hungry, jobless, homeless, with nothing left to

lose. So, who will the people rebel against? Each other? Martial Law will then be

instituted and rebels can be shot on sight. The end.

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May 31Liked by T.L. Davis

‘In the 15 day negotiations between the hardcore Freedom Caucus and the establishment punks in the House, the concession was made that any single Representative could call to vacate the chair, or dump McCarthy, any time he betrayed those who agreed to vote for him for Speaker of the House. He’s done that in spades with the debt limit agreement. He’s gotta go.’

When I was a kid my father would take me into the bars with him and tell me to look and listen and figure out who the “bullsh*tters” were. He said if I could figure that out I would do alright in life.

I remember when we were trying to get rid of Paul Ryan. The Freedom Caucus met with him and said they had a nice talk and he promised to be a good boy. Yeah, that worked out well. So, I’m thinking McCarthy won’t be going anywhere.

But like you said T.L., the BS will continue to pile up.

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It will be more than $4T. Maybe a lot more. There is no spending cap. They can spend, spend, spend unhindered until 2025.

What did McCarthy promise initially? To de-fund the IRS and its 87K ARMED agents. The lying POS funded 98% of them in this travesty! I called my congressman this morning to ask why his name was not included in the 35 House members opposing this cluster*F*. I could only speak with a 'aid' who said he would "pass it on". Yeah, and if a bull frog had wings he wouldn't bump his ass! My advice? Don't a single one of you ever turn in any firearm and not a single round.

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I'm getting in a lifeboat, I'm done with this USSA, It's Corrupt Beyond Redemption or Reform. Quisling Repubs ans Bolshevik democRats are all that's left aboard in Coup infested DC.

Abandon Ship. You have "A Chance" If you implement your own Domestic Plan "B" or become an expat. All the best.......


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