I am new member here. Been reading your truths for quite some time now though. Looking forward to this new membership! Keep up the good work T.L.!! Even if it feels Iike othing is going to change, plz don't give up sir. WE HAVE TO CHANGE IT!!

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Joe and his gang have done a lot of damage, but I give blame first to the half the country who voted for him, and either like the results or are unaware of them. But they seem to be losing the race blocs who have traditionally supported the dems. We'll find out in a few weeks. Then it will be up to the new congress to take effective measures to control the corrupt administration until 2025. If that fails, we ain't seen ugly yet.

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If we're not a Commie country already, it's only a partial step away. I'm not real sure when the acronym was coined, or by whom, but WROL (Without Rule Of Law - if ya don't already know) sure seems to fit - unfortunately.

As a previous commenter said, "we ain't seen ugly yet"! I very much agree with that - it's gonna get a LOT uglier. I don't recall that there were any civilizations in the past that were able to reverse course from a similar point, but IF it can be done, it'll be us 'Muricans that can. We all know "The Fix" is already in, just not if it's in 'enough' for the DemonRats and Commies - some repetition there - to come out ahead.

As I've commented before, I'm under no illusions in my own circumstances, nor will I stop tryin'. At least until the dirt hits my face. That's presuming that most of us don't get consumed by a fireball. I was around during "The Missile Crisis" - yeah, I'm that ancient!😲 Lots of confusion at school when we had a drill - until we figured out or were told why we were doing it. Then it stopped being confusion and became fear. We never knew if it was gonna be real 'this time'. Maybe that has a lot to do with folk not seeming to be too concerned now. Or maybe it's simply because they just don't believe it's possible. Myself, I'm of the opinion that these traitorous scumbags would rather rule over a pile of ashes than lose control. A rather bleak outlook, I know. I'd much prefer that that's not the outcome, though - I've still got some places to see and many more folk to annoy!🙃 Jokes aside, not much would surprise me now.

Before I forget - Welcome to Hunter!😁 The more the better.

Y'all take care,


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