This is a very important topic T.L. so thank you for bringing it up.

I agree there have been tremendous efforts made to poison us,

and I doubt they will suddenly just give up. 5G is spreading fast,

especially in the dense cities. We have been warned by many whistle

blowers/scientists that care/informed people....that 5G is a military grade

weapon capable of devastating humans. The towers are going up,

on leased land, both populated and lesser so in outlying areas. The killers

are ramping up and and finding more ways to demoralize people, and

much more.

I never give people links, today an exception. I found a must read/see

about the vaxx here. I encourage people to check this out.



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Wow, T.L.! You may have crashed my idea of an alternate income in the future once my pension is gone... selling pints of 'Pure Blood'. Vax in the food would ruin that. *laugh*

I don't think Klaus and the group have the patience to wait until vax-corrupted food products are developed and a delivery system organized. They want us dead quicker than that. What a quandary for them! I'm sure 'ol Liver Lips Schwab is working on it with his head stooge. His Young Globalist Leaders can't help because they are programmed to only take direction, not offer ideas.

These psychopaths aren't omnipotent. Thats in our favor. While they are working their plan the One who is Omnipotent is working His, and thats not in THEIR favor. No doubt there is a plan for Klaus all dressed up in his Star Wars lizard man suit!

Stay frosty. There is no place safe any longer.

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