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I really wish I could say you're off base here, but unfortunately you're not. The last paragraph is absolutely right on (so's the rest of the post!). Infernal revenue and taxes in general are what started my journey down this really )*$@#& road 42 years ago. Alas, it doesn't amount to a lot of success when it's just been me, and a few others. Been preaching this, and other things like it for many moons, but people just don't give a flyin' **** as long as they have their 6 pack on Sunday and can watch 'The Game' on their idiot box. The old acronym is TINVOWOOT. However, I totally agree with you - do it anyway just to annoy the crap outta TPTB!!

I've been sayin' that we (in general - since it was way before I was thought of) shoulda been doing something decades ago. But whadda I know?? Just that we've been wage slaves my entire 68 years. 1913 seems to have been the magic year that things changed for the worse. It's hard to swallow, but it's pretty obvious that we really HAVEN'T loved freedom enough. It gets pretty hard to be optimistic anymore, but I'm too dam hard headed to throw in the towel. I AM heartened by those that are FINALLY waking up, but I really wish they'd have done that a LONG time ago when it would've made a difference. So, I suppose I'll be on that ship with ya - I ain't about to give up now. Apologies for the ramblin'.

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When I hear anyone speak (write) about the Feds offering security in exchange for giving up some freedom I always think of a pimp. A pimp offers security to "his girls" from being harassed, beaten, or stolen from by the girls "customers" or other pimps. But the exchange is never equal. The pimp takes all the earnings, allowing only enough for the prostitute's bare necessities. The prostitute's must do as they are told or the pimp beats the shit out of them or worse. The citizens accepting the Fed's lie of security for a bit of the citizen's freedom are being pimped as well. There is always the treat of force in both cases should someone disobey.

While those communists have a plan they are working is obvious. Its said that a plan never survives first contact with the enemy... plus, those making these plans are bumbling idiots from what I can see. There are so many agendas and possibilities swirling around, many having the potential for disaster, national and otherwise, I just don't know how all this will shake out. So many are vying for power and influence. Neither can be had by all of them. I put my trust in the Lord. He makes the impossible possible, and He is working His plan, too. Me and my family will follow the Lord and take the path He leads us down. I just don't worry too much about all the rest.

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The important question is why some people choose to be terrorized. They enable the enemy, so they, too, become enemies, until redeemed. Really important that we learn why some resist but so many submit. If we can't reverse that, we'll lose.

Sun Tzu wrote that if you know your enemy and yourself you'll never lose. If you know yourself but not your enemy you'll lose half your battles. Those who don't even know themselves lose every time.

Our main opponent is ignorance. Jesse Waters has occasional interviews with extraordinarily ignorant people. Its funny, and it's easy to think they're a setup, or at least cherry picked. They're not. My experience is that level of abject ignorance is really common. We really need to focus on improving the failed ecucation system. DeSantis is turning the tide of propaganda schools by attacking school boards. That's key to saving the country.

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