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Ha! Even though I was Navy and this was my life 60 years ago, the memories are as vivid as yesterday. In this godforsaken environment we have today the new "boots" will never know the life we led so long ago in boot camp.

Today they may find the DI has prosthetic boobs and wears a dress. They will learn that their privilege has no place in todays armed forces and sensitivity training will encompass everything they do.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane and watch your six!

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I don't have much time for fiction, but I need a break. So I ordered the set. Got Rebel in case the sequel depends on the background, and to whet my appetite while waiting for the new one.

By the way, the military calls their grocery stores a commissary. The exchange is more like WalMart.

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Well, that brought back some memories! Thanks for the introduction to your fiction -- now I'm off to do some shopping.

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I have Rebel; Shadow Soldier; Home To Texas; & 9 Principles in Kindle format. All 4 are excellent IMHO - enough so that I'm planning to get all 4 in dead tree format as well. Soon, I hope. Looking forward to Rogue, too. Enjoyed all of them immensely - saddened by them at the same time, because they also demonstrate what's been lost. I wish we had more authors interested in 'spreading the word' in the way that T.L. does. And no, I'm not affiliated with his work in any manner, except as a reader. But intermixing (good) storytelling and fact, as well as a stealth history lesson seems to be a good way to get those who aren't actually aware of history some knowledge that hopefully they then want to expand upon. Yes, I'd recommend them all. Keep on keepin' on, good Sir!

Y'all take care,


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I enjoyed your novels, read them all, and read Rebel twice. That one is my favorite.

Looking forward to the sequel and I will pre-order it soon. Thank you for letting

us know so we won't miss it.

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