Part of the problem with 'getting things done' is the size of the country, it works both for and against us. The people in Europe probably have it easier in this respect because their countries are so much smaller; their government is accessible. But, I feel things are coming to a head, no nation this freaky and divided can exist for long.

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We should always be careful not to let calm become complacency. When the Huns are at the gate is not the time to give up. We can fix this. It's mostly a matter of convincing legions of complacent people to not give up. The next battle is already on the schedule -- Novembe 8th. The winner will be the side with the most aggression, and the least calm.

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Aug 25, 2022Liked by T.L. Davis

I'm outraged most every day. They have made it impossible for any honest, right-thinking, person not to be outraged, sometimes several times daily over what those leftists, communists, tyrants, muslims, pedos, satan devotees are doing to this republic. (No, we are NOT a "democracy"!) Adding to the outrage is the fact that there is no place any of us can turn at the federal level to seek accountability, redress, or justice.

We will receive no satisfaction at the federal level. Asking is as useless as it would have been asking the Nazi government in WWII Germany to stop murdering Jews, among the murders of others.

All politics are local. So are civil wars. We can effect change... and justice... at the local level. Thats the place we have to begin and many are already doing it. Just look at the change in school boards in Florida, for instance. Forget the feds. Red states especially must coalesce, come together in cooperation and protection from an out of control monstrosity, satan driven, we know at the federal government. Stay outraged.

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