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Excellant, T.L.!

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From his exposure as a NYC businessman to a reality TV personality, I have never cared for Donald Trump.

When he announced his candidacy for president I eye rolled and thought he’d be swiftly routed by Ted Cruz. Then I began to listen to what he was saying and found that I agreed with him. He was saying the truths and beliefs that I have. Once he became the front runner I told anyone who asked that I would prefer one of the other candidates if only one of them would pick up the Trump mantras and run with them. Just preach America and Americans first. Simple winning strategy. Nope, not one of those running against Trump could pick up the winning message and “out Trump” Trump.

Still I don’t care much for Trump the man, his faults and failures have outshined his accomplishments. Still though he preaches the winning philosophy and can be beaten by a good man who has the same passion and message for Americans. (If we had a honest voting system but that ship has sailed.)

Yes, the storm approaches ominously yet the left and much of the right believe it to be a mild summer shower when in reality it is a killer of Biblical proportions.

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Yes, TLD, as usual.

The lies told about Trump are actually silly lies/proclaiming nonsense/like the peeing

on a bed Obama had once slept on, in Moscow no less, for one. I have no respect for the

man due to the beautiful vax statements. Nonetheless, he does have influence, and there are

many that will be very upset by the latest "get Trump" agenda.

I can't differentiate between theater and fact anymore because there are crazy making

stunts being done left and right virtually daily, and many people are being killed or injured,

lives ruined...for what? Food processing plants being blown up, toxic chemical fires, and

the ever present school shootings. Some say these are planned distractions to take attention

away from the criminal financial antics that are leaving people jobless and worse. I can't believe

the financial looting is so bad. Aren't these perps afraid of retribution? Someone said when

people lose it all, they lose it, and go into a rage state. I would if I were a responsible young

parent working hard (as I was and did) and had to send my children to public school in a city.

The violence and drug abuse are beyond the pale, sponsored by .gov in all it's glory. And those

mandated jabs for school attendance? No way. I know things are slated to get worse for all

of us. I just don't understand the callous behavior and either literally or figuratively some

people (way too many!) have sold their soul for power and $$$$. I have neither of those,

and would not take money for being a part of the crime bandwagon, so, as many, I am waiting

for the young and strong men and women to act. Again, I am neither of those, but as we say,

life goes on, until it doesn't. TY Mr. Davis for speaking for the many that have no voice in the


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I look forward to each and every post that you write. So much truth in every statement. It isn't Trump the man that they are after; it is every one of us who actually believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. WE are the problem! Once WE are gone, they can have their socialist perfect society. The storming of the White House is coming-whether anyone on any side wants it or not. The Chinese must be in ecstasy at the thought of all of our land, water, and resources just waiting on their plunder.

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You said it perfectly TL. You hit the bullseye when you described Trump as the proxy for all the true American patriots who practice living by the rule of law and pure grit. Trump exposed who belongs to the swamp. It will take an enormous effort and time to win this war of decency verses lawlessness. Remember what I said about changing human behavior. 98% change out of desperation and only 2% change out of inspiration. They broke the mold when Trump was created. I am grateful that he has stood by his words to get this country moving in the right direction. Making America strong and powerful again defeats the globalist, marxist, communists dreams for their One World BS. That's why Trump keeps getting his dreadful treatment from all those who want to be slaves. Trump is smart and has courage. I will continue to support him anyway possible. Because he is the only one fighting for us against this juggernaut of evil.

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