Rebellions are pointless if the rebels are defeated. We need to define solutions with reasonable chances for sccess. Best hope for now is to convince the new congress to do their jobs to halt the slide. If that fails, we'll go to the next stage.

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Nov 14, 2022Liked by T.L. Davis

Time to go Henry Bowman on the system. Nothing is going to change...the last election proved that. The “new” Congress is just “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. Sad.

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We are in a deadly pickle. Everyday this is reinforced by word announcing horrible

acts of criminality by powerful wealthy, and apparently, near demonic forces. It brings

to mind East Berlin and the evil Stazi that reveled in punishing/torturing the Germans

living there. My mother had cousins trapped in that city. Eventually it was allowed for

the people to receive "packages" or rather metal coffee cans with items otherwise denied,

twice a year? Maybe only once a year, I can't remember for sure. My Mother labored over

the coffee can contents. My Mother and Dad did not talk that often about their ordeal

or that of the East Berliners. I learned to read before I could comfortably speak English yet

I taught myself to read. I read volumes and studied beyond my age, and learned early that

man was brutal toward other humans under their control. The wealthy power barons say

openly that they intend to depopulate and control to a T any survivors. (The white Europeans

seem a prime target.) I think some 1/2 the population is in denial and rationalizing current

events. Maybe they think they will be spared by voting the Dem. tickets? The other 1/2 may

be in various stages of shock. I confess: I did not vote. I don't feel guilty about it (much)

because I know voting is futile. I am in shock also but not paralyzingly so. I do not "go along

to get along" and I don't follow fads. I was a nurse with 2 main goals, one was to teach and

the other was to alleviate pain in surgical aftermath. I like most people actually and want to

be helpful and kind leaving any persons feeling good about themselves. I do my best.

What can I do to add gain to the goal of freedom? Not very much, but I do not model

compliance. I keep to myself mostly, mind my home and cook, and endlessly try to keep

my old farmhouse clean. Only one cat and one dog (he is always drooling) with short hair.

I have a husband and he needs attention galore. So I am busy. The idea of marching, carrying

signs, protesting and so on just isn't my forte, my bag. Most of my life I was actively rebelling

against the whatever system I was in. I confronted physicians openly about the practices I

didn't agree with, and I did the same in all areas. I will not conform. I will not play games

to be accepted or adopt phony personality traits. Maybe that behavior will inspire the

same attitude in others, I hope so, because my age and strength are not rigorous. I do wait

on the fringe however in case I am needed

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I read a lot. I try to read the writings and articles of people smarter than myself in order to look at things from angles and perspectives that I may be unable to see for myself or never considered. Works the old brain a bit. I was reading the other day about the relationship between politics and culture. Its been said that politics are downstream from culture, but now that order has been reversed. Culture is now downstream from politics. We can see it everywhere. Everything we watch, read, or hear is now propaganda... all day, every day unless you actively seek out other sources. Dumb down a population over years through indoctrination in the education system and then force-feed them propaganda continuously every waking hour and what you have is a population that is easily manipulated by those in charge to be docile and compliant or raving wolves, whichever the ones in charge need them to be at any particular time. As to why Americans have done nothing while peoples in other countries are rising up I think the indoctrination from early childhood is a big contributing factor as is the continuous propaganda, as is the fact that we are no longer a homogenous population and have little in common with each other any longer unlike other countries. We all have seen those "Man on the street" interviews. I am sickened over how ignorant people are! These people will never become freedom fighters. At best they can become part of a unruly, violent mob. They are already enslaved but are too ignorant to know it. Maybe we will have to satisfy ourselves with just small pockets and moments of freedom. I suspect it will be a full-time job trying to manage that.

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An accurate assessment of available resources is necessary before battle. You may want to ask the age of your readers, and see what comes up. It could resemble the Confederate "Home Defense" units of 1865.

There may be Young Men willing to risk life & limb. Some sheriff's trainees in LA County recently gave both.


As we are only "allowed" a defensive posture at present, I guess we wait and continue to "prep" if we are indeed a Home Defense unit.

The Ferals cleverly stymied mass popular demonstrations with their Jan 6 operation and imprisonment aftermath. I don't see any more marches into Mordor on the Potomac. A Withdrawal from the Realm of the Ferals might be more productive, considering the Woke population that will not abide our presence, nor I theirs.

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