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BTW, just finished reading Rogue. Good read. Is there a sequel? Seems like there ought to be.

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Trillionaires... not Billionaires. They hide in the shadows and darkness keeping all thinking the wealthiest person in the world is billionaire Musk while they pull the strings.

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As to Putin and Ukraine: No extensive historical analysis, especially of Putin's laughable account of history, needs doing, because none of that crap matters, and Putin knows it, it's why he keeps saying the end of the USSR was the greatest disaster in history. Because with the dissolution of the USSR, all land claims that the constituent Soviet Socialist Republics had on each other, if any, were dissolved, and the land claims of the USSR itself - and its successor in right, title, and interest, the Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic (hereinafter "Russia") - on any of the constituent Soviet Socialist Republics were likewise extinguished. This result was formalized in two documents signed by States parties, one at Minsk, the other in Alma Ata, both in 1991. Russia has no justiciable claim to any part of Ukraine, including Crimea. It's all down on paper, and the documents set out the choice of law by which they are to be interpreted. Legally, it's game, set, and match - and the same goes equitably as well. It's all over except for the shooting. Oh, and for what it's worth, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, were, in their individual and sovereign capacities, founding members of the United Nations in 1945 - see https://research.un.org/en/unmembers/founders. Their successor states, the Russian Federation, Belarus, and Ukraine, remain members to this day. Putin had to know this, it facially negates his claims about Ukraine. He's just another billionaire oligarch - the richest man in Russia - looking to pull the wool over the eyes of people he considers ignorant rubes, and increase his huge holdings. For what it's worth, Zelensky is another oligarch, and both are members of the WEF. Perhaps they should have a fistfight, or a mud wrestle (cleanest man wins!), instead of slaughtering the people of their countries, one committing armed robbery, the other defending against it...

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Until the Amerikan communists line the streets hanging from light and telephone poles NOTHING will change for the better.

Organize (it is not easy and time consuming).

Verify your zero.

Make Peace with your family, friends and the Lord.

Dan, Erie County, Pennsylvania

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The oath that millions of us have taken, to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, has been charged. The oath taken presently by new employees of the federal government, including soldiers, does not include that. The millions of us who have taken that oath, and still consider ourselves to be patriots, must recognize that we have completely failed to uphold that oath. We must now find a different path.

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<"That can only now be done state by state, perhaps groups of states. It begins by the alliance of 27 or so governors supporting Texas, but Texas has to stand strong, to deserve their support. The international cabal has seized control of our federal government, so the federal government is as foreign of a power as the international cabal itself.">

The above statement says everything we need to know regarding our current fragile existence. It's "state of mind" time for all Patriots to reject the bindings and declare self-determination toward life, liberty and the pursuit. It's also a "declaration" regarding the almost unavoidable TEXIT secession, hopefully with contingent States on board as well.

I love the notion that as the fed's abandon "our" Constitution (it wasn't written for the fed's) we summarily reject "their" anti-Constitutional "laws", ideas, and actions.

We as a Nation are under siege by these criminal communist thugs who have illegitimately burrowed their way into public office and are intent on eliminating us. A siege mentality in my mind that all RoE's are void, it's a wide-open martial law free-for-all and the time to act is near.

Thank God for AG Paxton and his unshakable courage. May he help to guide our shaky Gubner and Lt. Gubner on Texas' path through history.

Onward, Christian soldiers!

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After a fair amount of travel there is one thing that is absolutely certain: the left would rule over ashes rather than cede once inch or ounce of power. And it's always the same playbook: a few on top agitate the lower against the middle, with the leftist intellectuals doing the agitating with the backing of the powerful. Argentina is case in point: they have more gas and oil than they know what to do with, but up until a month ago the left would never, ever allow it to be developed.

Why? Without the ability to say: "It's not fair that (use targeted group) have more than you!!" the left is out of business.

If it were possible, it would be interesting to see the effects of a totally non-violent sit-down national strike. Cancel subscriptions, don't pay tax, don't support the NFL.....some of the garbage would end within hours. Witness the Texas busses to Martha's Vinyard. The 'impossible" - stopping 'refugee' flow - happened faster than I can type this post.

Stand strong Texas, and allies.

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Bravo to you T.L.Davis for your evolving ideas and conclusions regarding the state of the union.

The 1% may be doing the funding, (via taxes collected) supporting and provoking populations

to aid in their own demise. As Western populations fall they are still dependent on the Fed Gov.

for financial support due to inflation, restrictions, and their own dwindling resources. Imagine

the irony of homeless people festering on the streets of our many states, homeless, jobless,

and addled by drugs and growing insanity. At the same time vast sums of $$$ is given away

to aid other countries and .gov openly brags about that aid. The majority of our people only

long for "normality" to return, but they are stymied at every turn. The people go along to get

along, or quietly prep for disaster.

Further, we see reckless behavior, of people using cc debt to afford to live, or to continue a lifestyle

otherwise unaffordable. We could also mention the millions caught up in the tail of the

destructive comet. Those people profit through aiding and abetting their bosses and being

paid for it. The only hope we have is for the independent STATES to assert their rights and

fail to cooperate with illegal and unlawfully imposed "laws". Thank you for supporting that

concept. It could become a hot mess, but we are in a hot mess already, might as well try

the obvious.

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