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Everywhere you look.. everything you see.. everything you hear covered by some title of "official" is part of an evil criminal enterprise. Its all around us. It covers us like a wet blanket. They insult us with the lies they tell, their propaganda, the indoctrination of our children and placing 'Dog Kings' like Biden, Harris, Fetterman, men dressed as women, and other perverts and misfits in authority over us. (Think Caligula's horse). The SVB is the center of a spider web. You could trace the connections throughout the criminal enterprise from that one bank... the money laundering, the payoffs, the thefts, the "woke" dynasty and the stink it produces wafting in our nostrils. But that bank is also the key to unlocking all the criminality and all involved in it and bringing it to light. Thats why something had to be done to tamp down and prevent a more serious look into why it failed. The 'fix' is in.

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I hardly have the energy to even comment any longer. I'm so disgusted, so pissed off by the evil that surrounds us. The 2020 election forward has shown us the evil in the political arena, the medical complex, the banking sector, etc. Every government institution; federal, state & local, (school boards, county commissions) has been compromised with bought and paid for individuals. Yes, there are small victories here and there but, by and large, it was determined years ago that anything goes now and "anything goes" is happening faster and faster and those in positions of power and grabbing everything they can before the bottom falls out of the once great nation called America.

My only solace is that the Good Book shows us that this is all supposed to happen before the end. There is a good argument to be made that we are in those days. I will not give up and I will continue to share with the sheep that I know what is going on and what is coming but, it is tiring and frustrating at times when so many would rather turn a deaf ear to it all. <sigh>

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@Indian Rock,

Quite so and I agree wholly. The forces that plague us are within the Western Countries

aligned with foreign forces. The practice in Canada and the UK are to offer assisted or

unwitting suicide with drugs. The USA? We are plagued with a growing number of thieves

from within and without. The medical profession has proven it's willingness to kill us en-mass

with jabs/ then GMO, glycosphate, chemicals sprayed in the air and the sky and pollution of our

water tables. Imagine...they say right out we will own nothing, eat bugs for food, be in open

air prisons and all our monies will be taken and we will use their tokens instead. How much

more humiliation will human beings accept from others/those to claim our lives/steal our very

lives from us? I don't know how much more I personally can take of this. I see the trans people

in Biden's inner circle (Rachel Levine Health administration, and Sam Brinton Nuclear executive)

and it does not inspire trust in me. The latter, Sam, was seen on camera stealing a woman's

luggage and I wonder if he/she? was even fired.


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