Hi T.L., I saw this on Bitchute earlier and don't know whether it has any validity or not, but I would like to have your opinion on it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0hZUmnzwYrcp/?list=subscriptions

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On Sept. 22 BRICS is going to announce their currency, probably gold and silver backed, or oil or something. That's the last day of the World Reserve Currency being the dollar. 40% of the nations are lining up to start using the BRICS currency. At best there will be two reserve currencies, but the dollar won't be able to survive against a commodity-backed alternative. Whatever they are doing expect to see it become more prevalent, because when the dollar goes south, or the banks fail before or after the announcement, chaos will ensue and they'll try to back us into a CBDC, but they might as well keep the dollar, because he CBDC will not be backed by anything but a gun.

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Most People Require "Authorization" to Act. Even combat trained Veterans once out of the military bureacrazy cannot Act without "Orders", even while their fellow Special Force vets are shanghied into the Feral Gulags by Inferior FIB Goons, Dept JustUs Scum Lawyers.. Some Band of Brothers "brotherhood",

I spit.

TL, You have Declared as clearly and loudly as any Founder, such as Patrick Henry, ever did., This IS Not on You, but on the current sheepled populace. We just aren't "We The People" of 1775.

If there are No Generals available, I Volunteer. Even as a Military Historian with NO "thank you for your service" credentials I could lay out military plans to Restore our former republic, But alas there are No troops available, All too busy dying in 20 year foreign wars for profit (theirs) and blood (ours) with No result beneficial to the "Americans."

Your Declaration should be ringing the Liberty Bell. Will the War Come .... by Their Heavy Handed Tyranny ??? 1775 ???

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Jun 23, 2023Liked by T.L. Davis

Financial collapse is going to happen,

I hadn't heard Brics September, shocking to think

Bullying & grifting might not pay off forever.

The elites, dot gov, deep state, the joose what ever, painted itself into a corner. And us too when we weren't paying attention. Cornered rats are the most dangerous. Imo the odds of getting sunshine in a can are to the house. Of that happens...

Hopefully it'll just be all us plebs just go broke all at once. A few weeks (or less) hungry pissed off mobs hit the streets looting and burning only this time their temper tantrum dosen't result in more Gibbs. A year later half the population gone. The bastards responsible will be long gone to their bunkers in New Zealand.

Either way it sucks.

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Bunker busters sounds like an interesting occupation.

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Been away. Just got back. Been with family down on the coast where my DIL presented the clan with a spanking new Grandson. Three Grandsons and four Granddaughters to date. The joy of them is tempered with the fear of what sort of life they will have.. I won't be around forever to throw my weight in to protect them, but I'll do all the Good Lord allows me to do.

The state of this country can be compared to the Ocean Gate submersible. After test dives sub experts told the owner signs were evident the hull may be breaking down but the observations were ignored. Second or third tier diversity hires were given operational command and the results are there for all to see. So whose commanding our national submersible?

Ronald Klain (chief of staff); Anthony Blinken (Secretary of State); Janet Yellen (Treasury); Merrick Garland (Attorney General); Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security);and Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence). One level down are Wendy Sherman (deputy Secretary of State); Eric Lander (science and technology adviser); Ann Neuberger (deputy National Security Adviser); and David Cohen (deputy CIA director). Now, what is it all those people have in common? I won't tell you, you can figure it out yourselves if you do not already know. Others like those above are scattered all across federal bureaucracy in decision-making positions that directly affect all of us and they are not dependent upon our votes. In fact, they are spread throughout all of our institutions in leadership positions, both great and small and both public and private. Here's a hint. Zelensky of Ukraine recently purchased a $10M house for his parents in Israel. Oh, and Prighozen, the leader of the Wagner Group, who just attempted a coup against Putin funded by Ukraine and MI6, has Israeli citizenship! I remind myself that there are no coincidences. It bears the question, whats the real tail wagging the dog?

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