"If not, what am I a patriotic toward, a mirage, a memory?" I suspect you are patriotic towards the land on which you live, and to the people with whom you associate, and also to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and to the limited form of government with limited and enumerated powers which it created. It's been a bait and switch, facilitated by years of public school indoctrination and the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag. No free man pledges allegiance, to become a serf in feudal relationship to a lord, to become a subject of a government. When King Charles III suggested that the English people pledge allegiance to him, it was met with derision. A citizen must not allow himself to be degraded to the status of a subject. Swear to uphold the Bill of Rights and Constitution, in their original intended meaning, always, pledge allegiance to a flag or the government hiding behind it, never.

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"That pesky American flag is so pervasive, though. For now, they have to try to ease it out, debase it by accusations that the less-educated will believe."

I disagree with this assertion. Talk to many teachers and you will come to the conclusion that debasing the flag by accusations that the HIGHLY-EDUCATED will believe is more the norm.

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You keep doing you, impacting your readers and steeling resolve. It may not always feel like that to you, but your readers hear your voice and we will amplify it.

God help us - if we deserve your help.

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Really wonderful post here, T.L.

Deserves acclaim.

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Damn right. It's a fight in all kinds of ways. I used to think logic & reason would prevail because they have to. But chaos & insanity have been in the driver's seat for a long long time, I don't think it's anywhere close to bottom yet.

Going to need a lot of rope.

God Bless Texas.

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There is only one solution to the Tyranny, Treachery and Treason foisted upon the Citizens of what was once the United States, by our own, fellow citizens. This T, T & T being foisted upon American citizens wholesale by the scum one calls government....the scoundrels who took to the biggest lie of all....an oath to defend the CONstitution ! Rather, each and every one of them has defecated and continues to defecate, upon the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Natural Born and Legal immigrant (not "migrants") Citizens of what is left of the FUSA:

1. We will not vote our way out of this T, T & T.

2. We will not lawsuit our way out of this T, T & T.

3. We will not scribe our way out of this T, T & T writing (begging & imploring) the corrupt politician of your choice to stand by his/her Oath.

The only solution to this T, T and T is to follow the example exercised by our Forefathers at Lexington Green on 19 April 1775. NOTHING LESS WILL DO.

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Thank you for the order of battle reminder. This is a siege. They are living off the credit of a broken super power, and the leveraged political access to advantage / traitor action.

You got a lil Thomas Paine going on and I liked it. We need wins. Also we need footholds and beach heads.

Are we far too comfortable? Yes

Are we all trying to save the hostages? Yes

Are we desperate? No

The sacrifice has already been made. We are all dead broke, sick, and imprisoned. We are being balkanized, and pitted against regional City State strongholds, and literal invasion.

This is fatal. Take them with you.

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