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Absolutely excellent.

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You didn't expect Nancy to invite you in for ice cream, did you? This was one round in a 15 round title fight. Question is what do we do in the next round? Everybody needs to focus in the final round, in November. We gotta keep the pressure on, keep everybody focused on the win.

Ukraine has been part of Russia a lot longer than Texas has been a state. Texas seceded once, Lincoln dragged them back. Violently. Vlad lost Ukraine in a period of weakness, now he wants it back, taking advantage of Joe's weakness. Pretty simple. Secret clubs don't have much to do with it. Old Klaus is probably pretty happy with all the attention he's been getting lately. But he and his little club don't really influence anything. They're just opportunists going for the likes.

If Ukraine wins, maybe Texas will try again. But I expect everything will look a lot better in November.

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