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Texas TL in Exile Ep 19

Features Jack Lawson of the Civil Defense Manual

Jack Lawson author of the Civil Defense Manual talks about the need to prepare for the worst. One of the points of discussion was the possibility that Russia would link the Ruble to gold and what effect that would have on America’s Dollar as the Prime Reserve Currency. No sooner had we finished the interview when I saw a story from Zerohedge that spells it out. Another important article was recently tagged in a previous post The Nation in a Vice that was referenced by Jack several times and it’s on his site as well.

We did get down to preparations and what can and should be done to prepare for the coming carnage, but not until we had discussed why it was imminent rather than some distant fear. Those articles will lay it all out.

A couple of other links from the conversation:

Jims Way (surviving cold weather conditions)

Matt Bracken (Enemies Foreign and Domestic)

Bernard B. Fall (the book Street Without Joy)

NC Scout (Brushbeater)

Joe Dolio (Tactical Wisdom and more)

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