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We Americans have demonstrated our willingness to be lead, herded, manipulated,

and lied to, certainly at this time when the destinations are all very painful. Or maybe

potentially painful with threats at the ready to punish dissenters.

Apparently we are willing to accept corruption on a small scale as long as the actions by

authorities don't encroach too much upon our liberties and life style.

Now the big guns have come out, the big authorities with millions and billions, even trillions

at their disposal to manipulate societies at their will. That all is a huge pill to swallow and

very many are in denial, in spite of the terrible events we are experiencing and watching

in the US and around the world. It is like living in a nightmare just anticipating the next

explosion or fire or threats of war and local violence. All the while crap is being laid across

the blue sky to dim the blue and the sun. The climate crisis created by men, ever worsening

and the latest are "cases" of C variants cropping up.


Now what? Looks to be masks will be in vogue again, and lockdowns, and likely

vaccines, containing 4 preparations (treatments) in one dose. We feel as tho we are in a

giant Milgram experiment waiting for our next jolt


Please reread the first paragraph of this essay again, maybe write it down, or copy and paste

so you can refer to it, (I got a sense of strength from the words), and gain perspective and

avoid any feelings of despair or panic. I know I need some perspective/context so I don't

keel over from all this misery we are sharing world wide. Remember, the people pushing

these events are just the front men and women hoping for a seat at the table. Others are

the order followers hoping to keep their jobs/status. Please dear people, do not comply

with directives that can harm you or your loved ones. Thank you.

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I have lost your email address. Otherwise I would send this there.

23 MAR 1933: "The Enabling Act" issued by Germany's new chancellor Adolf Hitler "der Fuhrer". Simply, the Enabling Act granted Adolf Hitler the singular authority to make German law. No longer was the German Parliament a law-making body. They continued to exist for the next 12 years but, in name only. It was now "law by decree". In this former great nation of the United States one knows it as "executive order".

If you are not aware of the Enabling Act please do a search and read it. If you are aware of it read it again.

We now live in a dictatorship. Biden's concentration on attacking American citizen ownership of firearms and ammunition, is part of the Amerikan conversion to a dictatorship. Citizens cannot be overwhelmed by government tyranny when those citizens continue to have the ability to use justified, deadly force against the tyrants of a dictatorship.

23 March 1933: The Enabling Act.

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