T.L. Davis has hit another nail squarely on the head!!!!!

There Is No Way Voting Our Way Out Of This.

Like Lieutenant General Flynn said... “Only the Governors of each State can stop this by asserting State's Rights." But since that has been blown full of holes so many times before…

…keep your weapons cleaned and lubed, magazines full, store water, store food, medicines and learn to supplement what goes down your pie hole with wild edibles and organize with friends and neighbors.

Jack Lawson

Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

Author of the “Civil Defense Manual,” “The Slaver’s Wheel,” “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil” and “In Defense.”

“When the lies become commonplace, people believe them as fact… and when that “fact” is what is printed and known by most people it becomes “The Legend” …the real truth is gone forever… and what is left is ONLY “The Legend.” Such is the case of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, whose capabilities and record were a total fabrication and who was a failure as a soldier and leader.” Not my words… these words are from the guy in my SF Chapter who helped hunt Guevara down and kill this evil human being in Bolivia. Author Jack Lawson

From Jack Lawson… an American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1976-79

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Jack, I bought the Civil Defense Manual last year. Lots and lots of good information in there.

I think the biggest hole in my preps are the fact that it is so difficult, IMHO, to form a cohesive group of like-minded individuals that are willing to take what's coming seriously, and more importantly, to do something about it.

I moved to a rural area in NE Georgia almost 10 years ago. I joined the counties C.E.R.T group hoping to make good contacts there. Not so much. I was surprised at the number of liberals in it (tree hugger types).

I also joined a local 3%'er group. That lasted about one month when I found out multiple members were all about just guns (only one item in the big toolkit) and on the forum one member started talking about how he could, if necessary, become a cannibal! WTF??? The worst part is at least 6 other members gave him a thumbs up! I told the president of the group (for Georgia) about it via email that there are some wack jobs in the group and that they are undoubtedly being monitored.

Anyway, all very frustrating.

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Hello Brewer55,

You cannot organize by a democratic forum. You have to get to know your area people first. Find “Like Minds.” The organization must come from your head and dictated by YOU because YOU have the depth of thought to understand what’s going to happen. Most don’t. The common thought amongst Americans is… “Well, the inmates are running the asylum, things are more expensive, the “woke” garbage is being pushed… but it hasn’t gone to hell.” That can change in an instant.

Set you defense group up first by feeling out your neighbors. Organizing people for a neighborhood protection group is the most difficult of tasks, in my opinion. But with perseverance, it can be done, if done quietly and subtly. I have organized three of these Neighborhood groups. Many, many more have been set up across the country as I get emails similar to yours regarding issues with them. One fairly large Tennessee city organized 5 of 8 subdivisions and were in the process of doing the additional 3 when I communicated with one of the organizers.

I got spoiled by my first group… all Mormons. They couldn’t get enough of what we were doing. I’m not Mormon, but those people have preparation in their heads and by their doctrine as their ancestors had firsthand experience with group protection because of the trouble they experienced, even though it was along theological lines, not the horror show of what’s coming to the whole of America, in my opinion.

Make one thing clear to your potential group members… you are organizing “Neighborhood Guardians,” not a militia or National Guard, which many think. By definition, a militia or government sanctioned military, has wide-ranging mobility… and your neighborhood group does not. You’re in your neighborhood.

I stay away from most groups like you mention. Most of them think firearms and tactics are 95% of the survival and preparedness equation. They are wrong. Although, when the SHTF, firearms and tactics may move up to that percentage, but without food, stored water and a renewable water source, medicines, discovering wild edibles, hunting, fishing and other food sources in your area to transition to when your stored food is exhausted… the fingers on triggers of those with that mental thought will belong to cold dead bodies.

Where I live is mostly older people, so I have made deals with Afghan and Iraq combat vets to come to our neighborhood. They know tactics, weapons and are our Rapid Response Guardians when all goes upside down. But I’m lucky, where I live, I have a large pool of these people to choose from. Bring their girlfriends, wives and children. We have a huge store of food. They will have to sleep on floors, but as we’ve told them… “You’ll eat equally well… or starve equally with us.” They all have tricked out weapons and the experience on how to use them with simple tactics.

Send me your email Brewer55 to JCLParaCommando@gmail.com and I’ll send you more information from my coming revision of the Civil Defense Manual and what I have learned about this over the decades.

Those who think they can “Bug Out” or hide from this will learn the hard way. THERE IS NO PLACE TO GO.

But understand, just your inclination to do what you are in the process of… puts you light years ahead of most people.

Good luck to you and yours!

Jack Lawson

Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

Author of the “Civil Defense Manual,” “The Slaver’s Wheel,” “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil” and “In Defense.”

“Chaos cannot be predicted… so, we prepare for as many contingencies as possible.” Author Robert Gore of StraightLineLogic.com

From Jack Lawson… an American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1976-79

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Back in 1775, it was largely an urban vs rural conflict, and that hasn't changed, see https://images.fastcompany.net/image/upload/w_1280,f_jpg,q_auto,fl_lossy/wp-cms/uploads/2020/11/p-1-try-to-impeach-this-original.gif What has changed is that the blue areas are largely dependent on electricity and fossil fuels from the red areas. It doesn't take much to take out substations or railway tracks, Russian anarchists have been doing that with regularity - and no explosives - over the past year or so - and they haven't fired a shot at any police or troops or people. The infrastructure on which the government(s) depend to project force is incredibly fragile - and interconnected. Think logistics, not maneuver warfare. If you have a militarized police force, all of those impressive looking pieces of military hardware won't get far if they don't have gas. And fancy computer networks need constant-on electricity - and clean electricity without spikes or surges, at that. And cities are the most fragile of all - compared to rural areas. Forget about the scary black guns, a deer hunting rifle with a good scope could do a lot more damage if used intelligently. And you might be a lot better off without a huge magazine... think of a countryside of snipers, that's what a lot of Afghanistan wound up being.

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Stream forty seven, not to mention the new precision rifles and PRC cartridges with accuracy to 1,000 yds and beyond. And with these new rifles are the growing numbers of schools to teach you how to use them.

This is a nightmare for the leaders of tyranny.

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Thank you

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You're very welcome!

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Like this rifle, perhaps - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB6qbih4yOY - in Afghanistan they used scopes and put our MRAPs right out of action. Max range of an M-16/MP4 is 650 yards.

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Thanks for the link

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Wow. And I though shooting at a clay bird at 1K yards was tough with a modern rifle and scope. Open sights and old eyes are not a good combination.

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I want to thank you for sending the link to the map. As soon as I saw it I felt a flash

of hope and felt a bit less doom and gloomy. I get overwhelmed by the endless

strong propaganda (that is defeating) and I carry a female emotional mind. So please

feel my appreciation for that. The rest of your comments resonate and I pray for our

men that aren't fat and hormonal ruined to stand up and act. You have good manly


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"For about two and a half months, Pavlichenko fought on the frontlines during the Siege of Odessa. While at Odessa, she recorded 187 kills and received a promotion to Senior Sergeant. In October 1941, when the Romanian Army gained control of Odessa, Pavlichenko and her unit withdrew to Sevastopol to defend the city. Pavlichenko fought in the Siege of Sevastopol for eight months, where intense fighting resulted in immense Soviet casualties. In Sevastopol, her confirmed kill count rose even higher. By May 1942, Pavlichenko recorded 257 kills, which garnered her another promotion to lieutenant.

The higher the number of Pavlichenko’s confirmed kills rose, the more dangerous her mission assignments became. This included counter sniping, or engaging in duels with enemy snipers. Pavlichenko won every duel she fought, including one duel that lasted three days. In the end, Pavlichenko stated the enemy made “one move too many,” and became one of the 36 enemy snipers she took down.

In June 1942, while fighting in Sevastopol, she was wounded after shrapnel from a mortar round struck her in the face. The military saw Pavlichenko as too valuable of an asset. Before she could fully heal from her injury, the Soviet high command withdrew her from battle. In the time she spent fighting, Pavlichenko had obtained a record of 309 confirmed kills." https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/lady-death-red-army-lyudmila-pavlichenko

"Klavdiya Kalugina was one of the youngest soldiers and the youngest sniper in the Red Army. She entered the war when she was just 17. She started her war career working at a munitions factory but soon entered sniper school and was subsequently sent to the 3rd Belorussian front. Kalugina fought in Poland and was then sent to fight in the battle of Leningrad where she helped defend the city against the Germans. She was deadly in her skills where she chalked up a massive 257 kills. Kalugina survived after remaining in Leningrad till the end of the war." ... and

"Nina Pavlovna Petrova also known as “Mama Nina” and could well have been the oldest Russian female snipers in World War II. She was born in 1893 and was already 48 when she joined the war. After joining sniper school, Nina was posted to the 21st guards rifle division and saw active sniper duty. Petrova was credited with killing 122 enemy soldiers and although she survived the war she died in a tragic car accident just seven days after the war had ended. She was 53." https://www.wonderslist.com/deadliest-russian-female-snipers-world-war-ii/

Compare, with 93 confirmed kills - https://www.military.com/history/5-amazing-stories-marine-corps-legend-carlos-hathcock.html

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White Feather was truly a man with a mission. I don't know how many of his ilk remain.

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Fabulous stories Mr Steam/thank you so much, even women can be snipers,

always a dream of mine btw. Just a dream. I don't it is about killing per se, but rather

about making the shot.

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Here's the book he wrote - https://ia800308.us.archive.org/21/items/milmanual-fm-23-10-sniper-training/fm_23-10_sniper_training.pdf Most parts are relevant, but some aren't, it should be pretty easy to figure out which, if you think about it. And, of course, it's all about making the shot. The massacres at Bucha and Irpin would not have taken place if the Ukrainian government had trained its people in the use of arms, and had allowed them to be armed, but like most corrupt ex-Soviet countries, they had strict gun control in place, so that the citizens could do nothing about the corruption, thus the citizens of Ukraine were the poorest in Europe, lorded over by a crooked kleptocratic government and its oligarch supporters. When the Russians invaded, they got an object lesson of the importance of the right to keep and bear arms, people and government alike.

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Wow stream47,


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Yes, T.L.Davis is right on the $, or hitting the nail on the head regarding voting

and otherwise. Leaving the country is not an option for the common man. The

entire world is being jacked so where does one even consider going?

Vigilantism is suicide, as is engaging a state with kinetic actions. Okay, #4.

Acceptance of the agenda, et al, will likely be the outcome. Imagine a given state

initiating a succession bid...and realize the Fed. .gov is intertwined with state government

to the max. All subsidized (by Fed gov.) programs will be gone, and said state will be

duly punished. All welfare programs will go poof, along with SS and medicare, fed contracts

for jobs opportunities. That would be option #5. Back to #4...people in cities will have no means to be

prepped or self sustainable. Rural dwellers can buy some time, at least until eons of

immigrants are given carte blanche to move in and take over, as one example.

The Amish will just be conquered and treated like any group of "resisters". Their land can

be confiscated and good luck living on the side of the country road in a tent. Our country

is gone and invaders have made it through the gate. For now anyway, they are pampered

and treated like vaunted guests, well above what any citizen can expect. They are the shadow

soldiers of tomorrow land. The only path is one of do not comply and become shadow

Amish-like. It means: no internet, and certainly no cell phone connectivity. It means also

disengaging from institutions as much as possible, certainly from public school systems.

It means disengaging from farm subsidies and other kinds of tax incentives. It will mean

giving up on selling meat or produce in the market place/a bitter pill to swallow. It will mean

barter, exchange of services and products without much $ changing hands. Subsistence

farming is darn near impossible to accomplish, as is living off the grid. It can be done tho.

Hell on earth is here to stay and grow, especially when a new plague is introduced.

Meanwhile, follow a Lawson plan, (love that guy) and keep away from the fray as best you can,

and support trusted neighbors whenever you can.

Last, I read Matt Bracken's trilogy of novels back when they were first published. He is a

prescient guy, no? I am going to give a link to his conflict cube that may serve as a guide:


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Your insights are always valuable.

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Thanks TLD,

I know I am a woman and that means an emotional mind.

You are kind to recognize my thoughts as having meaning.

I read your material for inspiration and understanding and I

get both.

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T.L. -

Yet another timely topical piece. Bravo, Sir!

My truck rear window sports, in no particular order, the following:

ARFCOM symbol (Business end of Stoner BCG)

Ted Nugent for President 2024

Socialism Sucks!


LTC Allen West for Governor - For TEXAS!

God Bless Our Troops - Especially Our Snipers!

And I believe in every one of them (well, Ted may not be an active candidate yet....)

Bold perp's demand bold action. We are in those times.

Where will all the "New 'Murcans" seceed to? Back across the river?

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Personally, I believe our nation should go from the Great Lakes down to the Gulf of Mexico. Let the commies have the coasts, they're hopeless anyway. Too many people think small, talking about 'red states', but those will ever be vulnerable, we need a significant land area, not isolated pockets.

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I believe talk about states succeeding from the US again is more wishful thinking than any possible reality or happening. Didn't work last time, and then most citizens of the Southern states supported it. My state is 90% red. But, the heavy population centers are all livid blue and the legislature is purple. I concur with both T.L. and Susanna that most will choose #4 to various degrees. I will choose #4 and a smidgeon of #6 since I'm more valuable to my family alive than dead. (I hope it remains as such). But I won't be docile in accepting all those options listed beneath #4 T.L. has listed. I see a lot of work-a-rounds and plan ole noncompliance there.

So, what is it that I, an individual, should do? Well, I already know it will get a lot worse... a whole lot worse. I just don't know what form or forms the "whole lot worse" will present itself as. Lots of choices. Can't prepare for everything. But I know my family will require protection, shelter, clean water, and food, and in that order. Simple, really. I can help do those things, and do.

I pray that Jesus will give me wisdom and foresight in my decision-making and leads me down the path I should go, even if it isn't what I might choose to do at the time. I have a cherry tree. I've been watching those cherries ripen for weeks. This morning I found several squirrels in MY tree helping themselves. First thought... grab the .22 and shoot those damn squirrels! Then something flashed, WAIT, and I thought... that cherry cobbler would be delicious but they will only be around for a very short time. But those squirrels will be there, all fat and well fed, for when you may need them during hard times and they will provide much better substance. OK, sounds a bit silly, but I think it means that we should use foresight in decisions and not jump too quickly at what may seem right at the moment. Anyway, thats my story and I'm sticking to it! God Bless

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I did couch secession as the only way possible to remain on the land of our fathers (figuratively) and regain any freedom. I'm not suggesting it or promoting it, I'm just acknowledging what I see as a fact. Everything else is worse, but more likely. When I see how many people offer up their children for mutilation, it signals to me the impossibility of co-existence. These people will do anything the Marxists tell them.

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Perhaps the word we need to embrace is not secession but independence. Our founding fathers did not wish to secede from England, their desire was to be independent and free from the yokes of a tyrannical government bent toward suppressing the people to its will.

We must be a people again who seek to throw off the chains our government has wrapped around us, to dissolve the political bands which have connected us.

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The only problem with independence is that all thirteen colonies agreed to independence and there's a lot of blue states that like it the way it is and want more of it.

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See Texas Nationalist Movement at Tnm.me. Approaching 500,000 supporters, advocates peaceful, legal return to Texas Independence. Divorce is better than war.

“Texas will again lift it’s head and stand among nations” - Sam Houston

Read “Texit” by Dan Miller, available from TNM.me or Amazon. Highly recommended.

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I am in agreement, but it seems stalled for now. We still have a big blue problem to overcome.

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