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Excellent synopsis of our plight.

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Meanwhile, while patriots simmer and burn at the exponentially increasing pace of loss of sovereignty, lack of adherence to our constitution, and complete and utter destruction of Judeo-Christian values, the frog continues to flounder in the near-boiling water.

How the hell to get this ball rolling?

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We lack only the catalyst. Who knows what the agent might be? I pray that it will be one that will produce the response that leads us to liberty and not the one that leads to anihilation.

“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.” ~ Marvin Heemeyer

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I personally have made a number of revelations to myself. First is that God raises up and takes down. Those imbeciles who most call our "leaders" were allowed where they are for God's purpose, which I cannot begin to know. Watching what they do and listening to the things they say I almost pity them, (almost), because they are really clueless and like ignorant children. They are truly lost. They are being used by an evil they don't even perceive, and they WILL be held accountable, just not by us. Thirdly, no one is coming to save us. There will be no White Knight. The hope that somehow someone will come out of the shadows and fix all this chaos is not a real possibility unless Jesus comes, and 'hope' is not a viable strategy. So place your energies elsewhere, like how will you and your family outlast the SOBs. With God's Grace I think its possible, but thats not up to me. But its up to me to try. Fourthly, those people want us dead. They may succeed but I don't intend on making it easy. I doubt the rest of you will, either.

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An additional thought occurs to me:

"What would Mike Vanderboegh do?"

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"But now, I’m thinking that I might just be forced to stand back and watch the incompetent bombmaker blow himself up, and by “him” I mean the whole US Government."

People are in denial or deluded or frightened of calling undo attention to themselves.

As all is surveilled, (is it?) who wants to communicate about any organized protest? We think

going rural, trying to use community for barter, having basic preps, and forming a bond

with others is a good idea. We have the entitled crowd, and the "who the hell are they"

immigrant crowd, and the "I love .Gov. crowd, and the L v. R crowd, and the vaxed crowd

v. the purebloods, (I love the term) groups. Never the twain shall meet. People are forming their

forever mindsets now, and no amount of persuasion is going to impede them apparently.

I have my forever view and see zero point in arguing with people over their selected point

of view. I alienated a neighbor by remarking on jab status/plus the couple had Uke flags

up. Now they evade me/ignore me. I should have kept quiet to preserve the "friendly"

relationship. Think about that for a minute.

God Bless you dear man for your efforts and your soul.

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Political Parties. First the Democrats formed to steal Cherokee lands for a railroad, then the radical Whiggs formed the "Republican" party to destroy and loot the Southern States and late a foreign country. The problem with the American people is they (not we) never forgive former adversaries.

After that War, the united States of America went into decline socially and morally. We have never recovered because of the propaganda of the "elites." Everything operates under the Party Platform instead of Political Principles. Then we became the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Inc.) and imperialists.

The first order of survival is to survive. The second order of survival is to propagate proportionally to the environment. SURVIVE what they intend to use to harm us with a plan to counter at the personal (tactical) level. Make it personal on that day.

My Great Great Grandfathers' generation allowed the 1892 Debt and the Federal Reserve Act to happen as well as the faux Spanish American War. My Great Grandmothers' generation allowed Roosevelt to oppress the nation and a Congress who created the Great Depression. My Grandmothers' generation allowed the Johnson Admin. and the liberal agenda to happen. Unlike the previous generations, my Grandmothers' generation actually believed in all that leftist stuff and expected me to as well. Family Dissidence is a thing!

What can I do? Train and be Ready, equipped outfitted and logisticated, or logisticationated. Be a physically fit senior citizen and incorporated anybody who is viable without regard. Network and avoid the common stupidity, I call it the Hyoon-die effect. It's spelled Hyundai and people call it a HONDAY!

That's a tell. Avoid the stupids and be aware that many news items on social media are stale and outdated to instill hysteria and irrational responses.

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Absolutely incredible writing!

"The truth is, we would all be better off without a federal government at all."

Truer words never spoken. Washington DC could disappear from this earth and we would all be better for it. Everything has been lost because of these self entitled imbeciles. Remember how, growing up, we LOVED different parts of this country and celebrated them? The Bayou, New York City, New England, the Golden State of California, Texas, the Desert Southwest, the Great Midwest, the South, and the Pacific Northwest. We reveled in our sameness and our differences. We were one and yet amazingly individual. That is all lost now. We are either Democrats or Republicans and cannot ever share the same table. It breaks my heart and makes me furious at the same time. We have lost America-and what it means to be truly AMERICAN. We are no longer a country, it's some territory and filled with foreigners who we have nothing in common with.

We have to take back our own sovereignty and move foreward. It starts with the small plot of land we are on and goes from community to city to state. There is no other way. And we must do this together.

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The situation is grim, possbly a massive nation wide general strike & something like the canadian trucker protest but magnified a thoussnd times 2A armed, literally dragging hundreds of washington bureaucrats pols out for trial maby just might do it.

Of course this would have to also be in every state capitol as well.

I don't think enough people are starving for that, not yet.

I have commented elsewhere that i would cheer if DC was glassed. Along with every other blue hive. It may come to that, seriously hope not. But it would be desereved imo.

The west is suicidal we are doomed at this point. It seems to me all anyone can do is prepair for very hard times.

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