You are a real Patriot, T.L. and SPOT ON !!!

Until the 2020 Presidential Election is reversed, I hold no hope in stopping these Jackals from continuing to cheat in elections.

That is expressly why Kari Lake has been denied her rightful election to Governor in Arizona against a "basement dweller" who no one knew... these Jackals are afraid that a reversal of ANY election will spread.

They will fail though... they have become so confident of their success that they've lost touch with reality and are living in an illusionary world.

The FIAT American Dollar is in a tail spin if you look at it long term against Commodity Backed Currencies. The Dollar is finished and the effect of that will show up here in due time.

Jack Lawson

Associate Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada

Author of the “Civil Defense Manual,” “The Slaver’s Wheel,” “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil” and “In Defense.”

“A man's moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to give up his life in defense of his convictions."

A quote of German Major General Herman Karl Robert Henning von Tresckow. Leader of the failed July 20th assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler in 1944.

A courageous man, even though he had been involved indirectly with German atrocities committed during World War II-This assassination attempt, code named “Valkyrie” and immortalized by the movie starring Tom Cruise, was conceived by Russian Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin and the Russian NKVD Secret Police. It was then carried out by German officers who were secretly members of or sympathetic to the German Communist Party or simply had a hatred of the death and destruction Hitler was creating in their homeland, the latter of which was General Henning von Tresckow’s motivation.

My grand OSS friend Sully of our Special Forces Chapter read the confidential file in Brussels, Belgium in 1946

From Jack Lawson… an American in 1RLI Support Commando and attached to Rhodesian “C Squadron” SAS Africa 1977-79

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Excellent comment! And the movie “Valkyrie” is awesome!

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Thank you, Jack

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The people have become, through apathy or ignorance, or loyalty to a political party,

victims of their own reluctance to see reality. I don't know if that is due to a piss poor

reliance on "convenient" junk food and soda pops, and being fooled that potato chips

are food. Or one can cite the schools, or lack of intact families, a drug for every ailment

(caused by diet and inactivity), the porn craze, or TV, video games, and social media. I

see endless people with a cell phone in hand, at the ready, lest they miss a DM.

I have opted out of these all...yet I don't speak up and out because the social backlash

is too harsh. I do not invite hate and retribution for my own opinions. Regardless, I am

at a loss. Darn, at this point, I don't really care. Please God, please let me be left alone.

Still, kindness and courtesy for and to others is high on my list for actions when out and

about. Seems those are the least I can do, and the best I can do.

Leadership = wearing a cross upside down. People are embracing devil worship

like a FAD. And the "leadership" is glad to oblige. Shameful and horrid and disgusting

as well. Maybe the dumb people to alert people ratio has always been the same.

Don't know. Pray or remain ready against the horror of Ohio. The leadership may as well

wear the banner of Satan...they do nothing but harm and evil and betrayal. Very sad.

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You state my exact feelings. People just aren’t the same...it’s a vibe. And if I do run into someone “normal”, I thank God for that tidbit of sanity and...hope?

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@Renee Marie TY,

We have awareness of big events 10 days late or maybe never. Ohio?

The Nordstream pipeline 1 and 2, well, the prez and V.Nuland had announced

their intent way ahead of time. People say the reasons were "climate change"

and fossil fuels. Phooey say I, that was an act of war, to provoke both Russia

and Germany. Germany used a share and sold the rest to other Euro countries

per long held agreements. Who is behind this? Bankers have a big say. As the

fiat currencies/printed $ monopoly/die because of extreme indebtedness, the

bankers want to maintain their power and profit by introducing electronic

money/"credits". Meanwhile K. Schwab and the ubiquitous Billy boy Gates are

busy pushing the insect diet per ESG companies. Then Ohio, with (essentially

Mustard Gas) and water pollutants that may contaminate the Eastern Seaboard and

down the Mississippi River. Before that the jabs and destructive rulings to shut

small commerce down. Ha ha, and now ET warnings. What a joke, and so sorry

so sad, that is the least of our worries. I better stop now. Hope? Well...let us

hope a rallying cry will be "do not comply". A friend was visiting DC yesterday

and filmed the tent cities burgeoning. We are in an impossible situation with the

enemies all around. Take care of yourselves and your people/family and close the

shutters and lock them. It may be difficult, however tossing the cell phones is

step one, just have a regular phone to use for emergencies. The internet phones are

tracking and listening devices, plus EMF dangerous. Let us hope for that.

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Thank you to all thinkers

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Yes. Bravo. This is what we must do.

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You always have such great, inspiring commentary T.L! It’s PERFECT. There’s nothing left to say. You hit every nail on the head. I haven’t seen anything like this in 59 years...ever.

I think God is the only thing that can intervene at this point.

And I NEVER give up!

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God's intervention or even a place to lay down in peace after this hard fought battle.

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Amen, in Jesus Christ’s name.

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GOOD TO SEE & READ! Put it on my post 2/16 and saw it on WRS too. We have to get you a broader audience Too! This whole shiat show is coming down, That's the Good News; but We Live Here, that's the Bad News.

It "feels" like being on a WW II bomber aircraft limping back to England "On a Wing & a Prayer" to land, with the cold knowingness that ditching in the Channel is the Best Hope until the plane starts Spiraling.

Hold On, Brace for Impact, Comrades.

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Thank you, I'm grateful.

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I'm making a couple of upgrades to our security capabilities here on the place. Pardon me if I don't go into detail. OPSEC, you know. We have covered about everything to some degree that gives us a chance to come out of the other side of whatever is coming. Expanded our comms into HF, VHF, and satellite. The additional medical supplies I ordered have finally all arrived and we now have a good home 'kit', three trauma kits (IFAKS), and kits in the vehicles. Looking for the arrival of "Survival Medicine Handbook" for handling medical issues when no help is coming. I have Lawson's books. We keep everything pretty close to the vest among family. I listen when among 'outsiders' to get some idea as to who might be awake and a possible asset at some point. Most aren't and are certainly not to be trusted, IMHO.

I'm pointing all that out to you, T.L., and your readers, because those are the things I can control. I have no control over all that other BS swirling around us as a country... as a society. I have no hope of Americans finally coming together. I've only seen fleeting evidence of it. (I'm not even sure what an American is these days!)

I love your writings, T.L. Much to agree with and much to ponder. Keep the faith, brother. There will be a lot more to come.

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You're always informative, and valuable in the comments. You make me think and bring a different perspective to bear. Most of our medical is natural healing, substitutes for the medicines they push, anti-infection, and things. The things I want to be able to do is treat the daily issues, grow the stuff needed for that as much as possible and lay in stores of that which can't be grown or easily tinctured.

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As I said some days ago in a comment, Whites were deliberately driven from the cities to keep us from effective resistance. Throw in the demoralizing and degenerate influence of television, and you can see part of the problem. However, remember too that everyone thought the Soviet Union would last forever and it crumbled in a couple of weeks, unexpectedly. And by the way, we lost WW2. Do you really think the world would be in this state if Germany had won? We helped the communists win because our govt then, as now, was infested with them.

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With Biden giving our sovereignty to the WHO, is it time for you to write again on declaring our state and county free and independent entities who answer only to ourselves?

Ken South Carolina

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I'm working on just that. Thank you, but for the moment, review this and let me know what you think.


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Wow x 1000!

Great, just great!

Gotta go thru this with a highlighter.

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