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we are 80% captured...and they grow stronger with our inaction. What action =

do not comply. United we stand, divided we fall. Go Galt.

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I'd prefer not to wait until we're 100% captured and all of our friends and allies are pointing their fingers at us and screeching to the local Stasi to arrest us.

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Elon has done a lot to expose the evil. Many more will learn *their* mistakes that produced this disaster. The sharp economic destruction will show many more mistakes. The war with Russia is likely to expand to the homeland soon. The fascists' failures are becoming obvious to everyone. It's crucial to confront the cultists to their failures, bluntly and forcefully. Our continued complacency will perpetuate the destruction. Tell your neighbors what they don't want to hear. We can still fix this, if we want to.

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Me too. The objective seems (to me) to promote war in an effort

to cover financial crimes that are bankrupting the country. Further,

the international banks want to retain financial control and stay in

business. The more I learn the greater my fear that we will be blasted,

and looted until every dime is gone. We live in a country where every possible

assault against the citizen is glaring and horrendous. Scary business/lawlessness

everywhere from the ruling class, and we will reap a poor outcome.

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I am a fast reader, but that may be a bad thing that can hinder comprehension.

Rereading your missive several times now, I am finally getting your points

clearly. Actually I would ask all readers to read thru several times. There are

no wasted words and you have included much information that I missed the

first times. This is such an excellent piece of work. You have been cross posted before.

I predict/and I hope, this one will go viral (as they say) because you have captured he

essence of all we are up against. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas, may God be with you and protect you and yours.

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Thank you, you all deserve my best, so I try. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and remember to thank the Lord for what we have seen and enjoyed most of our lives, they were, in retrospect, miraculous times.

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I like listening to Gerald Celente. He runs the Trends Research Center. You likely have listened to Gerald as well and certainly know who he is I imagine. One thing he says repeatedly is that "When people loose everything they LOOSE IT"! Kind of goes with the saying that some people have to hit rock bottom before they take action and improve their situation. Americans, as well as those in other countries, are beginning to wake up to whats being done to them. But they haven't lost enough to energize them to take action and do something about it. Americans are still too comfortable. The Orcs are ensuring that they remain comfortable until the end with bread & circuses and 24/7 propaganda.

Moves are being made today by both state and federal representatives ( who are suppose to be looking after the health of the state and nation) to move Americans out of jobs and replace them with illegals. Homeless shelters are pushing out homeless Americans, many of them veterans, to make room for... (drum roll),,, ILLEGALS! San Francisco is doling out cash to anyone not a straight white person. Los Angeles plans on paying blacks reparations for slavery who have never been slaves, paid for by people who have never been slave owners. Not news to those of you here and on sites like this one. But 'Joe Average' out on the street simply has no idea. When Joe looses enough, maybe everything, he might begin paying attention. Cheers from the Blue Ridge.

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I fully agree with your assessment. And, therein lies the problem. I try not to give the government much credit for intelligence, but they ARE cunning devils. As long as they keep “Joe Average” entertained with “panem et circenses” he’s not going to pay attention. And it’s working, so far.

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OLD MAN RIVER, "Tired of Living, Scared of Dying" seems to be the refrain from 1936 when times were tough.


Southerners, black & white, were part of the Same Culture and shared a Bond that may have seemed "strange" to outsiders. It was good & bad and unique in that most of us were just coping and living, doing the best we could for our families.

Times change, some things improve, others decline & dissolve; but Society Remains a Mix of good & bad. Some Societies are better than others, Liberty & Freedom for the Individual is the "Keystone" in building anything worthwhile.

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Antonio said, “Whereof what’s past is prologue; what to come, in yours and my discharge.” [*] A lot of people think that means that the past predicts the future. But the last clause is key: he says that the past may have been written, but the future is up to us and our actions.

Take heart, my friends. We must each do what we can to make things better, and to rid ourselves of the evil around us. As the poet said, "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." [**]

* The Tempest, Act II, Scene 1, by William Shakespeare

** Invictus, by William Ernest Henley

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