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You write so concisely, authentically, forcefully, quietly. Very helpful in these disconcerting times.

I did not comply the first time. (Okay, well there was this: An armed guard enforcing masks at the PA liquor store. I held a mask up to my face to enter the store. So I was a weenie for wine and tequila.) But I will stand again. (I’m stocked up.😊🍸)

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I can identify. Had to fly to see a relative. At the airport I didn’t mask. I hung it from my ear n wasn’t challenged. Before I got on the plane I bought an ice cream cone n licked away as I went to my seat. No one said a thing. I got dirty looks, envious looks and smiling looks. I drank a bottle of water slowly n ate trail mix, one piece at a time the whole flight. I guess my seething anger about masks kept/scared people away. Whoever said “Become ungovernable.” is my role model.

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Hello to all,

I remember whispering to my husband that I wondered if the C even existed. He has

that darn phone with him all the time and I am paranoid it listens or records via AI that

flags words or phrases.

Didn't we learn anything from our studies of science? How could anyone think a paper

mask that gets wet pronto be anything but a hindrance and dangerous?

My favorite advice is Do Not Comply. However some peeps tuned in to the C "crisis" and

rushed to comply. All throughout the strata of authorities there was violence of some sort just

ready to mete out against the public for some infraction of the "rules". People also dared

to openly criticize strangers for not complying. Authoritarians/Karens, they were called.

So, it looks like the upcoming flu season will be an excuse to mandate this and that, and push

injections again. Please allow me to share a short article:


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I've stood up many times before & will do so again. I have not had a DL in over 20 yr because my SS card says "Not for identification purposes". (and other reasons) After a while it gets easier to say no.

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Good article, T.L. I admit that we were taken in the first time, in part because my husband and I are in our 70s and my husband has several health conditions. Yes, we wore the old face diaper, but we never, for one second considering taking the death shots. We remembered from decades ago when there was a big hoopla about providing gene therapy to people with genetic disorders. At that point, it was being done in good faith, and the docs honestly thought they could inject this altered genetic material into several people and cure their problems. They died immediately, and we never forgot that. They stopped the project instantly because they considered it unsafe. It was dusted for for this covid crap. So, this time, we learned our lesson: no masks, no 'social distancing' (a stupid concept thought up by some junior high student for a science project), and no lockdowns. We got through several years of covid just by taking quercetin, Vitamins D and C, and a multi. I did have a cold for three days last winter, but it never got through a few coughs and sneezes, slight fever, and loss of appetite. Who knows, maybe that was the dreaded 'covid'. Anyway, no more bs.

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As always your essay is superlative. However, what has been accomplished with your hard work over many years, to maintain (or reestablish) the Liberty that British subjects fought and died for at Lexington Green on 19 April 1775 ?

Our entire American society has been corrupted. Government at every level, the judiciary at every level, the media at every level, private and corporate entities at every level have been compromised to oppose Freedom and Liberty.

Oganizations created to defend the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution such as Gun Owners of America, Firearm Owners Against Crime (FOAC) the NRA and multitudes and multitudes of local organizations continue to spend membership dues to peacefully oppose .gov tyranny.

As I read many online essays, receive many emails, open snail mail from these many organizations, the one thing they have in common.... is the imploring of readers and members to send MORE money ! As a NRA lifer I ask where all the millions of dollars from NRA dues and various earnings and NRA initiatives went ? Into the back pocket of scoundrel Wayne LaPierre. But hey ! Wayne needs a new suit. Send mo' money !

Over the many years I have opposed .gov wrongdoing. Wrongdoing at every level by .gov traitors. Filed a federal lawsuit against .gov for violation of my 1st Amendment rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights. After spending tens of thousands of borrowed money on legal fees, I had my two days in federal court The jury of eight of my peers agreed with me. County .gov lost. Or so I thought. County appealed the pro-Freedom vote of the jury. And the judge, a registered Democrat, threw out the jury verdict ! More money and time spent on a appeal to 3rd Circuit resulted in the two Democrat-appointed judges siding with the the black-robed magistrate who terminated my jury win. The one Republican on the 3-judge panel sustained the jury verdict. But, 2-1 voting against my appeal. I lost. So much for justice.

Concluding my short story above I can tell you not ONE of my fellow citizens thanked me for my efforts. And that is when I decided to never fly the American flag again. Never stand for the National Anthem. Never again say the Pledge of Allegience. Ultimately, to never play the game any longer and ceased voting.

It is my FIRM belief that sometimes, violence IS the answer. Organized violence; blood-shedding violence.

Witness my reference to the shot fired around the world at Lexington Green on 19 April 1775. Then eight years of bloody revolution. Those eight years of violence beget the once greatest country on earth. The United States.

We will not Meme our way out of government law-breaking.

We will not vote our way out of this nightmare.

We will not lawsuit our way out of this government tyranny.

It is time to learn from history. From Lexington Green to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Make Peace with your God.

Sometimes, Violence is the answer.

- Dan in Erie County -

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T L. Thanks for standing in the gap of truth

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A VERY BIG Thank You, T. L., for standing when it was much easier to sit; for all of your efforts with your essays; in short - for everything. You Sir are a stand up man! Thanks for that as well. We could all do a lot worse than trying to live up to your example.

I'll also admit to being forced to use a mask a couple of times. That really rankled me, and my PITA, stubborn nature took over. I'll be glad to stand right beside you. Best wishes, and Keep On Keepin On!

Y'all take care,


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Sure. my husband kept bringing stuff back from work, it was awful. It's really nice not to get sick all the time. And yes, they are deliberately destroying America, and Europe, our 'leaders' are motivated by greed, hatred for Whites, blackmail, and plain old communism. We haven't had too many clowns from the cities moving out here, yet, but I'm sure it will come. The old lady who lived up the road died, and we are afraid they are chopping up her property into lots.

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