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I too, just joined. Let us pray that they are the real deal and not a flash in the pan like the Tea Party was. May God take mercy on the USA that has lost its way!

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And for years I thought Sen. Cruz may be one of our next great conservative National leaders.

Apparently, rather than using his God-given abilities to help expose and repair, he has taken the counsel of Sen. John "I'm just like you" Cornyn............What a loss for the Republic of Texas and the Nation.

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Mr. Davis, I just watched Lies of Omission. Great film featuring some of my favorite people. Thank you. From a Texan in exile.

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Indulging in your state's politics is exactly what you should be doing. Local may be even more important. Anything at the national level is so corrupted and decrepit thats its now beyond our ability to have influence any longer. In fact, federal agencies are now hunting us one and two at a time just like slave hunters once did up to and during the previous unpleasantries because of our opposition to their growing tyranny. The previously prestigious FBI is conducting itself in the finest traditions of the infamous KGB, STASI, and Hitler's secret police. We are no longer safe in our homes, and they plan on teaching us and those like us a lesson, justice and the Constitution be damned!

Its increasingly clear to me that I need to focus my energies on those things I can have some impact on, which in my case doesn't include the entire state. The northern and tidewater eastern portions are "Injun country". But we still have influence in those western, south-western, and southern counties and must not relinquish our influence in those areas.

My responsibility as I see it is to my God, my family, my county, and maybe to my state if opportunities present themselves, but no higher. In my profession we had a saying, "We will take great risk to save a life. We will take some risk to save property. We will take no risk trying to save lives or property already lost."

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wow...I missed this essay on the 5th. Texas is purple and trying to become blue.

How very sad for Texas, and loyal Texans must be sick about it. Destroying one's

political opponents, one way or another, is the theme in the uniparty. I know about the Stasi

in East Berlin, as my parents had fiends and family trapped there. Eventually EB people

were allowed to receive packages sent in a USA metal coffee can. Ingredients had to be

displayed. My Mom would pack and repack the coffee cans. Coffee, sugar, and I don't

know what else, I think once a year?


The Ministry for State Security, commonly known as the Stasi, an abbreviation of Staatssicherheit, was the state security-service of East Germany from 1950 to 1990. The Stasi's function in East Germany resembled that of the KGB in the Soviet Union - it served as a means of maintaining state authority, i.e., as the "Shield and Sword of the Party". (Wiki)

I think the USA wants to emulate and employ a Stasi in the USA. There were "block leaders"

that had to report discontents by statistical imperatives stating 10% of a population were

bound to dissent. The block leaders had to report something or they would be subject to

censure themselves. What a nightmare for those people! Martin Armstrong has reported on this

as he was permitted to make a visit. It has happened before and it can happen again. We

essentially are in the beginning or middle of it with all of our communications being monitored,

and citizens killed with impunity while foreign border crossovers are exulted.

I saw the movie you note, and plan to watch it again...with more educated eyes. Ty.

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