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Do not comply.

Become ungovernable.

Our freedoms come from God, not man.

Excellent commentary!

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Amen, brother! Preach it; teach it!

Regarding the meat; I think they want men to continue to be weak and emasculated. They want more soy boys with wimpy bodies that shave what little hair they can grow. They want soy boys with testicles like raisins that cannot father a child (for those types, that's good!).

On a side note, I just watched a segment on tonight's Tucker Carlson show about a veteran that was called up to help eradicate a mountain lion problem. (We no longer pay for faux news and watch Tucker on YouTube. There is always someone posting his show). The lion was killing dogs, and attacking people in the CO town. The dang thing was more than 8' long and weighed over 200lbs. He did everything correctly, law wise, and yet there were over 200 complaints on him to the CO Fish & Game Dept for killing that lion. It is just another example of how warped and screwed up things are.

Ok, off my soapbox. Thanks T. L., for another great essay.

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As Renee Marie says, our freedoms come from God, not man. So why do I not see Americans dropping to their knees repenting and beseeching God to restore their land? We are in the same place as was ancient Israel when they turned their backs to God and began worshipping Baal and sacrificing their children to Molach. God sent numerous warning but the warnings were not heeded. Even after allowing the Assyrians to devastate part of their lands the puffed up leaders stood before the people and bragged how they would build back bigger and better. (Sound familiar?) No one talked repentance and turning back to God. Only God could have restored their land, not the arrogant leaders. Instead God removed his hedge of protection and gave them over to the Assyrians, captivity, and dispersement, to be lost to history. The US is worse. Look at the warning sent by God that have been ignored. Remember the arrogant politicians standing at the podium bragging about how we would build back "bigger and better" after 9/11. Not a one dropped to his knees to ask forgiveness and repentance to the One who could restore the land. Its only gotten worse. Violence, division, murder, corruption at every level, and America has spread perversion and filth across the globe. God is done with us. He gave us a lot of grace to return but we did not.

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