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Trucker Interview

Some get it.

Mark was a great interview and there are more coming. Keep watching this account for the longer, more thoughtful contributions, especially since I’m going to run out of convoy material pretty soon.

While there are some false flags being planted and rogue truckers attempting to impose their less well-thought-out responses to when this convoy ultimately fails to bend the government to its will, it’s important to recognize what it realistically could have done and what it actually has done.

Realistically, it never was going to shut down Washington, D.C., not even on the ring road, but what it could do is what it has done. It’s shown the massive disaffection for the direction of the country and real anger at the crimes those in power have committed with impunity. It has done that. And, if they are thinking straight, they need to take the leverage they have now and demand an end to the emergency act, or all of their brother truckers will shut off their rigs for up to a week and the politicians can deal with the fury of their constituents.

The people along the various routes didn’t come out and sit on bridges and overpasses because they like that sort of thing. The American people are aware that the mainstream media is not talking about the one thing they’ve seen with their own eyes. When the truckers aren’t moving, they’re going to know that it’s Washington that bears responsibility for the empty shelves.

If there’s one thing politicians don’t like, it’s being harassed by the people who pay their salaries and expect true representation. The convoy makes their comfort impossible and the leaders need to use that leverage to get one thing done: end the emergency act. What else can they accomplish? That’s up to how well they apply leverage.

UPDATE: As soon as I finished writing this piece I got word that on Sunday we will take a few laps around the beltway after conference with local law enforcement. I’ve arranged to ride along with a trucker.

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