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You really express yourself well!

I ma Totally with you.

Would it be off the wall to consider a "one-on-one" link on your substack to communicate with you about things NOT concerning an article?

Keep it up. I look forward to your every post.

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For those still in "banks", please get out and join a local credit union. At a Credit Union, you are considered a shareholder, and the main difference between the two is that Banks are typically for-profit institutions while Credit Unions are not-for-profit and distribute their profits among its members. For Banks, this means that they are in the business of maximizing profit and issuing dividends to their stockholders, not their customers. Since a credit union is a non-for-profit institution, they put their profits back into their members through lower fees, better rates, added locations, equipment, more ATMs, etc. Also-Credit Unions are local and community based while banks are national or regional based. It is probably the best decision you can make. Next, get at your farmers markets and support your local farmers DIRECTLY! --->https://www.eatwild.com<--- is a website that can help you find local farmers wherever you live. Get your food money into the hands of those who actually feed you. We have got to seperate ourselves from those who are willingly destroying this country; in thought, action, and deed. We cannot reform them. It is time to look forward to a time when this country will either cease to exist or exists in name only.

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I have stopped complying with all infringements of 2A. I never took the vaxx.

I had gotten covid before anything was available. I trust my immune system,

Despite pressure & threat I refused.

The evil insane scumbags in the driver's seat, their media toadies, the huge percentage of NPCs ignore logic, reason, all morality and especially law.

I was a bootlegger when I was younger man

I was good at it.. I am done complying, I'll be an outlaw again with clean conscience.

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I place my salvation in Yahshua, not in other people. That statement is no refuting of what T.L. said because I know what he means - stick together/strength in numbers. A bundle of arrows is a lot more difficult to break than a single arrow. We all are familiar with that analogy. But place a steel rod in the center of that bundle and it can't be broken at all. That steel rod, my friends, would be Yahshua. No matter what preparations any of us have made, if we do not include that steel rod in the center we will not stand against the storm.

Satan is real as are 1/3 of the angels who allied themselves with Satan in their war in Heaven against God (Yahweh) long before the time of Adam. They were ejected from Heaven but the war is not done. Satan wants dominion over Earth, but God (Yahweh) gave dominion over Earth to Man, who is made in God's image, (as are angels, btw). Satan is prevented from just taking it. He must work through men by deception, manipulation, lies, and promises Satan doesn't intend on keeping to get what he wants by having men giving away their dominion over Earth to Satan voluntarily or Satan working through others (Kaus Schwab, Davos?) to kill them. For many in high places they have made the Faustian Deal - their souls in trade for riches, success, and power. We are in this war of 'powers and principalities' whether we know it or not, and we are now the focus of it.

I'm not trying to give a Sunday school lesson. I just want to try to communicate that all these things... train derailments, draughts, pandemics, jabs, invasion from the south, LGBTXYZT, economic collapse, wars, AI, transhumans.... all of it is connected. Its a full frontal assault with everything the enemy (Satan) can muster, and it will get much worse! We can't vote our way out of this. Satan wants dominion and he wants us dead!

We humans are so myopic. Its like looking through a straw and then trying to piece together what the world looks like in our minds. Put down the straw. Walk outside on a starry night and look up. Its all out there and we are a part of it. But we are the only part and not the center of it. God is the center of it... ALL of it... from Alpha to Omega.

Satan is real. UFOs and 'extraterrestrials are real. Everything is connected and there are no coincidences. Now that I have throughly disqualified myself from serious consideration by some of you I will move on to hopefully a good day with fresh air and sunshine with my other. God Bless

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Fab and 100%. Do not comply.

They stole our $ and continue to do so and will steal whatever is in our banks.

I like your ideas, and will consider what I can do to help. I fear however that some

50% of red areas are contaminated with the trusting and compliant. The ignorance

has shocked me, and those that comply are tenacious and vindictive/closed minded/

and willing to abandon relationships with hostility/extreme prejudice. What a dirty shame.

Book idea: Behold a Pale Horse, by William Cooper, 1991-revised 2020. Amz. $15 soft cover,

and kindle $10. The man spoke the truth fearlessly but was shot down and killed because

of his voice. He was a truth teller, with the knowledge to do so. TL Davis, you are as well,

and I will pray for your safety. Thank you so much for your excellent essay.


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