Yes, the US government is going to lose WW3, the one they wanted and provoked. Hopefully, for those of us who want no part of it, who see no national or rational interests in the affairs of a provocative Ukraine nor a self preserving Russia, it will not end in nuclear blasts and the ruin of the land.

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Most excellent, Sir! IMO, you've outdone yourself with this one. I also wish that the coming darkness doesn't end in a midnight sunburn. Depends on how things shake out, I suppose. With what they've done to our military, and the $%%^^ morons and traitors - but I repeat myself - ((in charge)), I don't see how we could possibly NOT lose this war. I pray *literally* that the good Lord will be with us!

Y'all take care,


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100% correct.

The O with the "you didn't build that" remark reinforced the devotion to .Gov

that they seek. Yes, we did build that, even if our contributions were a team

effort and financed via our tax dollars redistributed.

I believe we will lose any war efforts and that is the plan. .Gov has sold us out.

The country has been looted by the lot of them, from stem to stern, and they

hope to escape just before the ballistic/super sonic bombs blast off. The private

jets will be ready to take off to safe havens/positioned/ and stocked to receive them.

The country will devolve into massive CW as the cities starve and there is no $ and

nothing to buy with what remains. Lights out. The people, sick and dying, without

any resources, will be easy to take down by then. Or, there may be a contingent of

fighters that will not go down easy, and take some evil bad peeps down as well.

That would be a hollow victory and won't change much. Very sad. Should the bombs

fly, as they will, we can only hope the targets will spare the remnant. Stealing all the

resources is one thing, actively trying to murder people with toxic injections, illicit

imported drugs, and race baiting is quite another.

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Powerful truth, “prophetically” prescient.

You’re always great T.L., but sometimes, your’re simply perfect.

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All the while no one is paying attention to China. Xi is comfortably sitting there out of the fray husbanding all his resources, getting stronger day by day as his two primary rivals are about to destroy each other. Once the destruction is done all those resources - land, minerals, all surviving wealth will belong to China, and who could stop them?

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The whole situation is sad and hopeless. I am glad to be a Christian because the one thing they cannot ever buy is Jesus Christ. His Words, examples, and teachings are as true today as they were 2000+ years ago. Our freedoms are guaranteed by God. The Original Revolution, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution were just icing on an already perfect cake. The fact is that grifters (Lincoln, Roosevelt, Obama-Sotero, or the feeble one) can destroy and rob folks just means we get rid of the grifters and the process that enabled them. Frankly, I am DONE with CRT, apologizing for slavery, love is love is warped, and every other obscene idea that the grifters promote. Time for the doers in this country to move forward with our plans toward a more perfect union. In whatever form it takes to accomplish that.

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T.L., you're a thinking man, so I would like to recommend a book to you. It's written by the Libertarian scholar Hans-Hermann Hoppe and is called "Democracy-The God That Failed". His conclusions coincide with what has been my political belief for decades as I've seen our country decay more and more.

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I believe "we" meaning the blood suckers that mean to keep their money laundry scam, and most importantly keep the debt ponzi scheme going by breaking up & then taking control of the resources of Russia. We deserve to lose.

globalist evil bastards do not care that it will end in nuculear war.

I hope Russia rolls this thing up soon, kills Zelinsky and exposes exactly what has been going on.

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