I believe it’s called “Spidey-sense”! Just kidding but, I know what you mean. This sixth sense is a God given gift, and one must be in tune to it. Just last night I dreamt I was in a large room, like a school cafeteria, and there were hordes of people there to get the next booster. I couldn’t believe what I saw and I was telling them I could not believe they were still falling for the jab.

In the dream, I walked out and was then on a major highway looking at a convoy of military vehicles loaded down with operators dressed in black all wearing balaclavas and sunglasses.

My dream may have meant nothing but, I woke up disturbed by it.

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My honest reaction to your musings/gathered fragments about TRUTH: Possibly the most important writing I’ve read in 2023.

Many people (me incl) have been obsessed with finding the truth from sources. You posit that it is truly possible to discern truth when we trust our empathic powers. Very powerful. I will have to re-read a few more times for your idea to sink in.

Many, many thanks for your big beautiful brain. 🙏🏻

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Am I alone in my difficulty accepting that doing nothing is, at this point, the right thing to do?

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Gut instincts are formed by bits by bit, small things you pick up just going through daily situations. Trust them. My gut says it's calm before the storm.

The cabal manipulating destruction are thinly veiled.

Confident in their grip believing no matter how much of what they do is exposed they will be behind walls of obfuscation, distortion & obvious lies.

They are likely right, for now.

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The eyes are the windows of the soul. When my formerly wonderful doc wouldn't look me in the eyes, I knew something was wrong. After 20 years working for an international airline, evacuating war zones, meeting people that were truly demonic, and only me seeing that, I started to trust my intuition more.

I'm sensing it, too, and intent on getting moved to my home in Mexico. Mexicans are naturally non-compliant with their corrupt gov't, they adeptly maneuver around those things, and will NOT give up their cash economy. It's safer, I think. And I can be pretty self-sufficient in food, energy, and medical care. They're not given to a surveillance state.

The evil presses heavily on me, and the shock of finding my beloved country completely subverted by evil is unbearable.

However, I WILL be able to do some online election integrity work from Mexico, and I'll do that. I highly recommend the work of Kris Jurski, who is developing a very effective system for spotting and resolving voter roll fraud, county by county. Krisjurski.substack.com.

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