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Another good one T.L. To your idea that "we might be witnessing the absolute collapse of one hundred years of communist expansion" - one can hope so. Hope is not a plan, though. I'd like to believe that all this will keep opening more and more eyes. It's difficult (for me, anyway) to see that it's taken so blasted long for other folk to wake up. I've been preaching this stuff for the last 40 years!! And I STILL get pooh poohed as being *out there*. I DO like saying I told ya so to so many blind folk - at this point, I don't care if I make 'em mad. I'd like to see our ship get back on the right course before I croak - preferably a long time away!

Y'all take care,


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Notice I said "one hundred years of communist expansion" and not "communism." Communists will always be around and working to secure yet another absolute failure at the cost of millions of lives for the same reason the dryer only eats one sock at a time. The important thing is once we have them in retreat we need to push as many as possible into the sea.

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What we call corruption is just individuals pursuing their own self interest. There are degrees of corruption, and degrees of tolerance to corruption, because we're all wired a little differently. We criticize or punish corruption when the pursuit of self interest damages the interests of others. Conflict arises when different people have fundamentally opposed interests. Many dems believe FBI corruption is acceptable, even admirable, when it supports their interests. Harm to their opponents is not only acceptable, but desired. Its the nature of war.

Dems have been engaging in war since Bush 2, and pubs have naively tolerated it. Our current situation is entirely due to that complacency. We have exactly two choices -- either we engage, and fight to win, or we learn to accept the inevitable tyranny of unopposed power.

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Hello, and Happy Wednesday,

Our summer went super fast and many of us are in a watch tower of sorts.

We are watching the destruction of the Rule of Law in so many formerly

trusted institutions, Then, many of us had lost trust in these and other .gov

practices, (war machine and use of depleted uranium weapons) heck, we could

make a list that would fill a book.

I never got back to commenting on your article, 'Terror of the Unknown' but let me

tell you it is stellar work. It perfectly drives home the frustration felt by many people

watching the literal destruction of everything we have held valuable. People see the atrocity

of the C murders. Was that coincidental? People are reluctant to call down from the tower

to others, warning of what is happening and what is to come. One is likely to be shunned

and banned or revenge leveraged, for example: Red Flag Laws. People can be blind, even

in the midst of a Holocaust. They practice denial and rationalization unconsciously, and even

consciously as they cling to normalcy. Many of know it is futile to rail out loud against a

system that is inside out corrupt. The bad people have us corralled.

I was interviewed by the FBI once, as I was a very young (21) apartment manager

in a downtown location, and had the resident "books". They sat me on the sofa and sat

tightly on my either side. They were looking for a deserter (Vietnam) and showed me a picture.

Had I seen the guy in the building? No, I hadn't I persisted. I wasn't scared, but put off.

Actually I hardly saw any residents. Apparently it was a place only used for a few hours now

and then. What did I know? It was a job and the rent was included. I had a husband, he mowed

the meager lawn, and he was a dud.

We see the January 6 debacle, and we know anyone can be victimized for a political purpose.

Does a grandmother like myself want to be a hero? I would leave that to our men, young

and old. I could cook for them though, who doesn't like a hearty sandwich?

I/we opted to get out of the rat race by moving far from the city. I bought the house with

cash I saved, even while the Mr. remained in the city working per the contract he held with

his employer. It has been a Godsend for me as I no longer hear sirens 24/7. My friends

in the city were lost to liberalism, chanting the verses without even thinking. No matter,

a good dog or 2, downgrading my lifestyle purposely and dramatically, have saved my sanity.

And, no need for high heels and fancy things.

The ship is sinking for sure. No one will save us. And it may be too late to save others

either. Shall be say when a house is riddled with termites, roaches, and mice/rats and

spiders, and is crumbling? It might be necessary to let it fall. Then after, fumigate, and

build anew. The rumors might be true, or not, but the possibility of fumigating the people

with super chemtrails laden with fatal disease spores does exist. We are not dealing with

persons having a mean-streak, we are dealing with monsters that seem to darn near outnumber

us. No doubt my clarity is compromised by emotions. I can say thank you to God (the power

of Good) that we still have real men like you to help people cope. Thank you.

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Thank you again for a well-written and compelling reply.

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Are the communists really desperate at this point in time? I dunno. Biden, even his entire administration, are likely to be the ones sacrificed should it come to that to save the main structure of the corrupt system. Biden and his bunch would be gone, but the corruption remains just like it always has administration to administration. Obama isn't going anywhere. He's like a tick dug in in a hard to reach place. His destructive work won't even slow down. Check out what they are now doing with their "disinformation" group now forming that will basically cut the legs from under anyone espousing a position they don't like. Then there are those armed 87K IRS agents who will be dispatched like those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz to ravish the Middle Class and small business to steal on an industrial-strength level and to destroy political opposition. Who is going to stop them? The Republicans? LOL! Yeah, Mitch to the rescue. ROFLOL! Too many Patriots are banking on the Fall election while hoping Trump will ride to the rescue in '24. Did you see those armed Antifa lined up to protect a drag show last week? Hear anything from the leftist media or anti-gun bunch about it? Nope, not a peep. What would the response have been had it been a militia group protecting a free speech rally? We all know. Anything Patriots do we will hear the communists and their media shills go, "Look, look at how dangerous and Nazi-like the Right is! They are terrorists and must be dealt with!" Lastly, I received a fund-raise letter from my representative today. The same Republican representative that never responds to me.... not once! Frankly, Republicans in congress are no more than controlled opposition. Everytime I see McConnell's face I'm reminded again that I wouldn't walk across the road to piss in a do-nothing nutless Republican's mouth if their guts were on fire! Sorry to be so graphic, but thats the way I feel, now. They have done nothing for America but rubber stamped her demise.

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Biden's speech was an act of desperation and I'm about to write about it, so I won't go too far into what I have to say. Those who feel they're winning don't get desperate, they get careless and this was both, desperate on the part of Biden and careless on those controlling him. As long as they have a scapegoat, they can serve up whatever nonsense they think will drive the right insane. You're right, though, they're marshaling forces before our eyes and we've done nothing about it and won't as long as people continue to think politicians can be a solution, but that doesn't mean, at least to me, to abandon the few who are trying desperately to do something and need our support.

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