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Only TL has the perspicacity to pen such a damning diatribe.

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Last week I spoke to my younger brother, an attorney in his early 60’s. We used to be very close, until I was red-pilled 15 years ago. We rarely talk now because our discussions would usually turn into arguments. He is a leftist, and I am a conservative. The conversation last week was all one sided. He spoke about how glad he was double vaxxed and triple boosted. He couldn’t understand why there was so much hatred directed at Bill Gates, a wonderfull philanthropist who has saved lives in the 3rd world with vaccines. He spoke of the recent midterms and how he was glad the election deniers had lost…yada, yada, yada. You get the picture. In the past, I would challenge him on his brainwashed logic with data points and facts as I knew them. It would always escalate. For the first time, I listened to him rant and I said very little in return. When I hung up, I realized first hand, once again, just how screwed up our world is. I prayed that my brother would find salvation in Christ. I was very saddened for several days.

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I learned a new term recently reading an article written by another.... "Dog King". Its definition would be the same as Caligula's Horse. Its seems these despots throughout history have taken pleasure in demoralizing those they were suppose to be serving by elevating what was the commonly held by the people as insane, perverted, or debased to some position of authority over the people. It demonstrated the contempt the ruler held for those citizens. The story is that Caligula made his hors a senator. It demonstrated to the senators that Caligula thought they were no better than his horse, and maybe even not as good. Biden has carried on this practice by installing into positions of authority perverts, losers, the insane, and the corrupt. Look at the circus of his signing the 'Marriage Protection Act' in inviting the tranny who has said that children are good only to "sing and suck *D*" We don't even have to imagine... it just happened yesterday with great fanfare. All the denizens were in attendance. Its planned official mental abuse of the entire nation meant to show us all who is in charge and that we are nothing. Righteous anger is building. I can feel it because I feel it within myself. When I look at my children and Grandchildren it grows in intensity. A reckoning is coming. I don't know when or how, but its coming.

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