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You have (again) written an excellent summary of events and circumstances that

face the American public now in early summer 2023. People can run the risk of

(personal) annihilation by being too effective in efforts to alert their friends and

neighbors of the dangers we face. We are spied on regarding all internet connected

devices and our file can be pulled to expose the terrorist acts of mere criticism of

.Gov and the policies it promotes. We can look to post 9/11 when George Bush told

us we would be going into Iraq (because weapons of mass destruction) to capture

Osama bin Laden for orchestrating the 9/11 events. Hogwash. How many of us woke

to the emerging police state then? It spiraled into a worsening spying endeavor, total

surveillance state/police state and now we are to fear the white supremacist terrorists

among us. Still, people cannot see the open war on the US populous even when the

perps come right out and say it. I think people shut down and suffer in silence because

they are in a state of shock over how their country has fundamentally changed to an

openly criminal enterprise. The latest assault (there are so many) is learning the DOD,

financed the Covid op. Murder on the fly. So, what now/next? I don't have any answers

except personally and that is to get out of the way and away from too many people.

Yet that is open ended as people fleeing the city are buying land and establishing camps

in my area. The few acres are plastered with No Trespass signs and warnings of cameras

to deter anyone from setting a foot on their land. It is becoming a nightmare as these

people project their thinking onto the locals, and fiercely protect their junk/hauling their

dune buggies back and forth to their city home. Then apart from that, our sky is bombarded

night and day, blocking the sun and raining down chemicals intended to weaken and kill us

off. I weep when I see them and hail a day without them. I may be at the end of my emotional


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No TL, thank you.

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How many times must we have it thrown in our faces that there is no two -party system but, a uniparty with but one goal; to line their pockets and do the bidding of their puppet masters?

As in the movie 'The Firm', with Tom Cruise, (in this case lawyers working for the mob) anyone going into congress is given the opportunity to play their part well and become very wealthy. If not, they are quickly put into compromising situations (as Matthew Cawthorn stated when he said he was invited to an orgy) and then must do the bidding of their masters or they will be threatened and ousted.

This once great country has been taken over. There is not representation of 'We the People'. It just has not been made "official" yet.

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T.L.D. -

Admittedly, I did not participate in the “Siege of DC” you describe, but a group of Patriots from the S. TX refining/petrochemical industry did attend the "9/12 Taxpayer (Obamacare) Protest in 2009 and the smaller version in 2010, thanks to some "community organizing" efforts by white folks.

Like a conservative Woodstock! We shut down DC that Saturday!

FOX News had a booth centered on the mall, right in the middle of things. They later reported "a few thousand" protestors were on the mall that day. DC Park Police counted us as 600-700 thousand, the largest gathering ever assembled there. Just a difference in perception, I suppose.

Wifey and I re-watched Mel Gibson's "The Patriot" last night.


You want to discuss predictive programing, this is your model. I have to admit, the TV screen got very blurry a few times.....Absolutely heart-wrenching what we have become reduced to in such a short time, despite the lofty ideals.

Maybe public screwls should have just mentioned a time or two that we enjoy a PARTICIPATORY GOVERNMENT here, one that requires attention and occasional maintenance?

Nah, who needs that when we have pro sports?

Thank you, Sir.

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This was written by a friend of mine:

We've been conquered by (((alien overlords))) and the "diversity" is being quartered on us as dragoons to maintain control.

Work scabs to lower wages and keep us dependent. Voting scabs to distort elections and maintain the (((overlords'))) dominance "under color of law."

Various races of professional victims to browbeat Whites into submission with endless rituals of guilt. And a plentiful supply of traitors and collaborators in the form of brown-worshiping liberals and "we all bleed red" conservative working to keep their own people in line and subjugated to the foreign (((puppetmasters))).

All under a simpering mask of hollow "equity" and coercive "fairness" to keep the enserfed herd pacified.

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Thanks for this recent essay of yours. Seems to me this recent essay beats the preceding essay. About the time I think you cannot write a more spot on essay, you provide a new essay that invariably is better than the last submission.

However, I take umbrage with a portion of "Betrayal, Once More". Specifically, what appears to me, your giving a pass to Greene and Jordan both, for their votes to INCREASE the debt limit. While you seemingly put the onus on McCarthy for betraying his fellow Americans with his support and votes for this demonic spending bill, you express almost outright sympathy for Greene and Jordan's alignment with McCarthy and the socialists, progressives....COMMUNISTS embedded in the halls of CONgress (and the District of Columbia).

Let me remind you of Greene's November 2022 public remarks imploring support, extensive support, to anoint McCarthy to be Speaker of the House. Greene's embracing of and nearly drooling, over the chance to put Quisling McCarthy in the driver's seat of CONgress, almost had me sending Greene a box of emergency Kleenex to wipe her chin with, the next time she betrays her constituents !

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I don't feel betrayed by McCarthy. I knew he would show his Uniparty RINO self at the appropriate time, and he did. Jordan didn't surprise me, either. Jordan is a putz and a weakling who will abandon his place in the shield wall when the fight gets heavy. Jordan is like the kid who doesn't contribute to the game but rolls around in the dirt so those seeing him afterwards think he did. The one who did surprise me was MTG. However, seeing her all goo-goo eyed looking at McCarthy in his bid for Speaker made me uncomfortable.

My question is.... what did anyone really expect? How many times will you expose yourself to be disappointed, suffer feelings of betrayal, and just all around pissed off? Did anyone really think it would be different this time around? That deal was done before it ever began. Hey, they are all in the same club, and we're not in it! (God Bless George Carlin). No one is banking on the 2024 election to fix any of this cluster, are you?

Fairly soon they will be coming maybe to your town or city seeking your vote and promising you a load of BS.... again, with their capped teeth, soft hands, and disingenuous smile. Maybe they will take off their jacket, loosen their tie, and roll up their sleeves thinking you might believe they are just one of you. They are not!

Don't keep going back to be disappointed. We can't use a corrupt system to fix corruption.

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Just dropping a line to say a good post. I'm thinking the time for words are fading though. I know for me, I've said everything I have to say, I've warned the best I can for getting pre-pared, same as so many others have done.

I'm at the "Bring It" state of mind, knowing how bad that is for everyone to endure, but it's been such a long road of endless tyranny from government, local, state and especially Ferals.

All I do know is that Change is always in the wind, and How we deal with it is key, not as effect of it but use it to to our advantage.

McCarthy just joined Ryan-Boehner on the Poster of Losers for many people. Society is just sooo Slow for Us.

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