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It would be a real impact if zero Rs and many Ds didn't vote all together. Imagine

20% for the Ds period. BFUTW. However, that won't happen so the alternative is to

toss our rock in the race. Or throw the rock in. If everybody would toss their rock in?

Maybe we will see results. NY (I think them) proclaimed illegals have the right to vote

also so they will get ballots and no ID required. Gosh are they blatant in their crimes.

If everyone gets out we may have a chance. I am not confident, but I hope it will happen.

Full moon on Tuesday, maybe that can portend good luck and we will need luck.

Nice of you to offer Rebel for free. It is a great book for sure.


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Everyone should be careful about discussing "doing something" here. FBI and other police are likely watching us. I expect TL's group are on special watch lists. But good news seems likely Tuesday night. If not, I expect a stronger response than last time. But last time was evenly split. It won't be as close this time, outside the margin of cheating in most places. If it ain't close, they can't cheat.

Those who worry about dem cheating should read Parallel Election. It's a bipartisan tactic. Maybe if pub cheating swings a race or two, it will encourage dems to finally agree to stronger security measures. We have the technology to run honest, efficient elections, but many people are paranoid enough to fear those solutions. There's no easy answers for the stupid, and we have an epidemic of stupid.

The best solution is to retrain your friends and family, especially those who resist it. Breaking cults requires aggressive actions. If you want to change the government, you need an army. If you need an army, you need to change a bunch of minds. Our society, and probably our civilization, cannot survive an even split.

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I read your posts regularly. I agree with almost everything you say. I don't see any way out of this except that which no one dares say or do. At my age (80 in another two months) I can't get much further than my front porch. Here in CO not a lot of point in voting in my opinion. Not much spirit of April, 1775 out there. Not many Patrick Henry's. Our "betters" sneer and laugh. We grovel. Ayn Rand called it "the sanction of the victim". Our enemies are really weak and powerless, but fear rules us. And we may have bigger problems since the infrastructure seems to be breaking down. Soon we may all be struggling just to survive. I expect this is not the kind of response you're looking for. I do appreciate everything you're trying to do. Just not a lot of real Americans out there any more to do what needs to be done. I'm sure you know all this. Just want to say "Thank you" for your efforts.

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"but it’s a rock and there’s the enemy and I’ll throw it, BFYTW"

Sums me up pretty well, I think.😎 BFYTW has become my favorite acronym of late. It just fits in so many ways, and is so versatile!

Good post, T.L. Nothing to argue about in it - much truth here. I've heard the "I don't vote" line way too often, myself, with practically anything that can be imagined as justification. And, like you, I tell 'em if they're not gonna vote, to get off their lazy dam as*'s and be a monitor, or simply a poll worker - anything. It always amazes me that there are so many idiots out there that refuse to do something that *might* have a positive effect. It still chaps my posterior when I see it. I guess I don't totally understand that mindset, because if they can't be bothered to try and do something positive when it would cost them next to nothing, they're likely to be too sorry to help when things go completely sideways. We'll see. I sure hope I'm wrong - but I kinda doubt it. Good thing I'm a stubborn sumbeatch!😁

Y'all take care,


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"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

And constant learning and seeking/exploring counts the most.

We, the people are only willing or able? to think outside the box of our chosen

reality occasionally, and then many require some consensus to go further. "You think

what"? may be a response. Loyalty to team A v. B, (sports, political ideology, parenting)

seems to rule. We find consensus, and it is safe to express our loyalty within the paradigm.

Please realize we are only giving our passion to the very surface membrane of reality.

Reality is miles deep. Consider Trump's Space Force, and geological forces, satellites beaming down

and the ending of analog in favor of digital. We are swimming in a deep sea of EMF. The

tech (we even know of) allows laser weapons to dissolve humans, (one example /research Panama

US conflict); I suggest the billions for military tech/war weapons is tech that evolved, through war

"testing" into the most destructive knowledge that exists. The C experiment (altering DNA and

extreme EMF) let's us know biological experimentation is fast afoot. Heck, they did it. The C

flu was 99% survivable yet the main of some societies stood in line, the reluctant have been

threatened to comply. Why? Pharma profits? I don't think so. Hunger Games? I don't think

so. Cover for world wide bankruptcy and subsequent backlash? I say maybe a part of it.

The power groups have differing agendas and conflicts over who retains control. This

thinking is beyond the ken of the average bear wanting a BBQ and some beer while he watches

the big game. Nothing wrong with that for a reward, but all wrong as a pastime and a way of


are the microwaves that can blast us with earsplitting noise to the burning of the skin.

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For at least this time around, my BFYTW trumps my TINVOWOOT. One hot rock, coming up!

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100%, TY

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Tl I never vote midterms but to support a good gal I’m going

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