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I just spotted your article. Read the piece immediately. You have a unique view

that I relate to even tho yours is a mans view and mine is from the emotional female

perspective. Congratulations to Arkansas for trying to make their state safer/easier for

for the people there. My mind is increasingly weary of hearing about the sadistic and cruel

plans the political class, MIC, Corporate Titans, and the medical care community clearly

sold out to participate in murder for financial gain. I am not being flighty about this opinion.

I have a solid knowlege of how care is provided by "following protcols" and those protocols

can be very off base/true standards of care out the window. Common sence and compassion

also dissapated. I easily confronted physicians with my concerns about their nonsensical

decisions (causing harm} and was laughingly told it was all about "revenue" building. That

attitude drove abuse and harm. I quit/I had to...who harms frail people (in particular) for

extra $? As many crimes as I identify, all with dire consequences, WWlll for example, mass

starvation for others, and other horrors...what worries me the most is the strong likelihood

we will expeience demon breakouts by lawless (encouraged and fostered) youth that have

been told whites have stolen their future (and past) and they are pushed to seek revenge,

chaos, theft, and increasing assault and murder of innocents. The initiators and supporters

of those encouaged crimes are just scum. I am aware there have been autrocities experienced

by multitudes of other cultures around the world at the hands of US po;icy. The crimes are

endless and we can all expound on what we know/more stories will emerge as people share.

At this point things are too far along for an orderly fair solution. I tremble to think of the

potential savagry we will see, and it will invole many more than the disadvantaged youth

mentioned earlier. The age old dilema of monarchs exploiting the peasants they own is

being played out once again. It will be horrible. I was born after WWll and have heard

many stories that chilled me to the bone. We were there living in rubble. I don't remember

much on my own. However, every adult thinker will have to contribute and cooperate within their

community to help others in any way they can. Personally I will do all I can to promote

health solutions and work to repair wounds and so on. Gratefully I don't fear wounds or

injuries and will seek cohorts to help or take direction from the more experienced. That is

all I have to offer, and I will do my best. A word to the people: Half our population is pre

or actively diabetic. Many can be brought back from it with diet changes alone. Study up

and work on that now please.

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I saw your comment and eagerly and immediately rushed to read it.

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It has taken me a long while to come to the conclusion that the US of A has become the corrupt, despot nation it is now. Like you, T. L., I grew up in a different world that seemed pretty normal as a child and early adult. I was ignorant until the 2008 banking crisis that was a red-pill moment for me and a slow, gradual change in me where I realized the world would never be the same again. In those early days of discovery I thought, along with my wife, that if we got energized and involved with the political system we could affect change (can you say Tea Party?). Not so much...the journey from the march on Washington and the days, months, and years since have shown me that a corruption metastasized into a full-blown stage 4 cancer in every single department of government. It did not stop there as it spread into academia, medicine (an awakening to this during Covid) and every alphabet agency that does nothing more than the bidding of the deep state.

With all of this evil taking place now where good is seen as evil; and evil is seen as good, I have found strength in my Faith that our Creator told us this would all happen. We are living in those days foretold by the Good Book. How long it goes on before the Lord returns, IDK. Only He does. Until that time, I will continue to pray for strength to STAND. To stand for truth, righteousness, justice and to love, no matter the cost to me personally.

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"All survival is necessarily local." Spot on! "Local" includes your own household, too. I am beginning to see a noticeable shift in the general attitude that somehow continuing to work within the system is the way to change things for the better. Call it the 'Vote them out' syndrome. No matter who you vote in or vote out nothing ever changes, does it? Its like being the battered spouse going back into the abuser's house after they promise that things will be different. Its just more abuse.

I doubt that I will ever vote again nationally. No point, IMO. Never missed one up til now, but I'm done. The circus has already begun, but I'll not be picking a favorite clown this time. That is if there even is another national election. Its not a sign of surrender nor of resignation. Its just having seen the reality of it all and making the decision not to participate. Not comply. I turned my energies some time ago towards the survivability of my family. That includes the locality in which I reside.

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Instead of being a sunshine patriot get involved in your state to change the voting to paper that is the only way to have the real results known. I am going to fight this corrupt evil regime to the end that is the least I owe to the generations before me who gave all. We in this state were able to get rid of the butcher of children and no digital currency. Don't give up that is what they want!

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"Sunshine patriot", huh? A bit premature I would say since you know nothing about me, good, bad, or indifferent. I'm very active in letting my voice be heard locally, state, and (until recently) nationally. Maybe too active since I was once visited at home and interviewed because local communists didn't appreciate my editorials and made a bogus complaint. I'm very loyal to my state... at least the red parts.

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I'd like to read more of your editorials.

Ken Upstate SC


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The old 6.9, like Manwell Labor I knew him well. I was a ford mechanic for eighteen years of damn near fourty of wrenching. We are putting up a pole barn now, I have poured concrete & will have a two post lift.

I know I'll be able to make a living without having to flatback too much.

Unfortunately it's in Washington state, ground zero for the vote corruption that was perfected here before going national. Only a few miles from the Idaho border where I was born My mother was from Arkansas, Dad from Oklahoma if I could do it over I would have relocated down that way. If I only had a crystal ball.

Washington is a lost cause & despite the redoubt thing Idaho has been heavily targeted & infiltrated by communists. Lots of broader jumpers and section 8 brought in. Boise is fullyblue. I've worked like a rented mule to get this thing going as a escape and refuge for my family.

& time is getting short.

I suppose if nothing else I'll be in a target rich environment Lord knows there are a lot deserves it

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Must be something in the water as we are thinking similarly. I'm just about done with writing though. I have blogged and quipped long enough, just going to read some and Do more in the Real World.

I have liked your stuff for over a decade I think, so keep it up you're a good writer, and being good with mechanics is a blessing believe me, as I am Not. LOL.

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Mechanics is something that even if you're not good, as long as you're diligent you will make something run. My dad was a Ford mechanic until he saw his first oil drilling rig and while I was more comfortable being a rig hand most of my life, part of working on rigs requires a large degree of mechanics, because when things go wrong, no one is there to help. It's a little different now, but most of the time I worked the rigs, if it broke, you fixed it and in a hurry.

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True, I do not know you and your journeys. All I am trying to say is never give in that is what they want. Do you see them giving in, they just step it up another notch. They are "legion".

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