Thank you for another very thoughtful piece.

Where I live, in northern Michigan, the local Sheriiffs and State police are all great, down to earth guys. I don't feel that way when I go down state to the big cities where I get the impression that there is a different agenda in operation. I am sure that this impression is not unique to me or northern Michigan but common in rural areas.

One thing is certain though, is that a blue helmet is a target.

Let's pray that that circumstance never presents it self.


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I worked alongside cops in my city throughout my firefighting career. Even with familiarity between us I always had the sense that to them it was them and then there was everyone else. Mutual respect was mouthed but seldom demonstrated. Flash forward to now. I don't talk to cops... ever! I avoid them whenever I can, which is most of the time. I am of the belief that cops will do as they are told by whichever entity signs their pay checks. They act as revenue producers and enforcers. Their weakness is that they do not exist in an encapsulated protected environment 24/7. They and their families live in the same neighborhoods as we do. Their kids attend the same schools. They go to the same churches, grocery stores, and ball games. They shouldn't act the jack-booted thug on duty and expect to enjoy life off duty. Besides, cops are vastly outnumbered by "civilians" wherever they work! As for the military... just look at the mess they have been made into. They could lock down some of the large cities but venturing out they could be picked to pieces and suffer the death of a thousand cuts if the people found the will.

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Uvalde videos have radically changed my impressions of our current justice system. I get the impression now that the overriding thoughts of the police have become "be safe out there and everybody goes home tonight". We have learned that "to protect and serve" is a hollow slogan that bears no resemblance to reality.

When the sleeping giant awakens, if it ever does, this country will look radically different. I weep for my grandchildren that will never know the America I grew up in back in the 50's.

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If we allow our grandchildren to be oppressed, it's our fault. Weep for ourselves, and our lost morals. Or, much better, stop weeping and start acting to correct the problems we face now, and deliver a better future. Quitters are losers.

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TY T.L.,

Well...it isn't #1. I lean toward thinking it is the paid actor (from crisis actors to BLM thugs)

that are well funded, organized and ready to confront citizens. They are ready to destroy

property and create mayhem, including against any police forces.

There are 2 schools of thought. One being people are clueless and hapless cowards that

will accept any treatment without protest. The other is that people are doing a disservice

by being passive in the face of tyranny, and should be fighting fire with fire. There should

be protests and rallies and confrontations to bring the message across.

We do see how people were manipulated at the J6 in DC. Then we further see how people

attending were/are characterized and punished/"made an example of" and ruined.

Who is going to step into the fray with the odds so far against them? Who has time and

energy to become part of militant protests? To what end? It is clear that those charged

and paid to keep order, prevent crime, and so on, have gone dark. Dark being silent and wary,

and also actively cooperating with the bad bosses to ignore reason and responsibility.

What is "real" in our (American) world today? Our jobs have gone, replaced by Financial Products,

No jobs = no work= homelessness, city crime, poisoning of the people, including the deadly

drugs coming to us killing the young especially. What kind of non-thinker revels in (and brags on)

vaccinating babies and toddlers with a toxic substance or encouraging their child toward sex

change/sex altering practices. We can not argue/fight against injustice with self-destructive

people of this sort in the mix. We are in a war against powerful forces targeting us and we have

little recourse. Many do understand the USA has been systematically undermined and looted

bit by bit. It continues, on a grand scale even now, in myriad ways...most obvious with a series

of billions going to the UKE supposedly to fight against Russian invasion. Tripe, BS and bad

theater. Then censorship.

There are those that say, "what if they gave a war and nobody showed up"? There is the

"do not comply" school. We can barely do damage control in small cohesive communities,

let alone try to right things in big Blue cities.

What happens to societies where the leaders are overtly harming and destroying their citizens?

We know via historical precedent that people become losers of all, but sometimes revolt does

occur. We are certainly in an extreme war against us, but too many do not realize it yet.

We must try to ferret out the chain of corruption, then at least we can act against a true target,

rather than fellow citizens/ which is what the bad people want.

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The photo above this article says a lot -- regimented rows of cops in masks they probably know don't work, but they wear them anyway because they're indoctrinated to obey. They probably also know the vax is risky but they're all double vaxed and boosted. Their training isn't as good as I would prefer, but they're better trained than most civilians. Their equipment isn't always the best, but far better than any civilian. The military is even better trained, equipped and indoctrinated. Armed forces, both military and civilian, are tools to be used by their political masters.

Civilians might be able to organize themselves, and acquire better weaponry, and train to use them effectively. But they wouldn't be permitted to do so. Waco and Ruby Ridge were examples of early attempts at independence, and the police state quickly identified and crushed them. Surveillance today is more ubiquitous and reactions quicker and more severe. No chance of building an effective insurgency. Recent discussions cited the Chris Dorner case. He wasn't very subtle, but hid out in a desolate mountain cabin and was still tracked down and killed in a few days.

The real question is whether those masked and jabbed storm troopers would decline to suppress active resistance. A clue is found in vax compliance. 1.3 million US military members, about 1700 have been discharged for disobeying that obviously insane order. That's about 0.1%. Kent State had guardsmen shooting and killing unarmed students, just like China and every other totalitarian cesspool. It's our nature.

Insurrection requires organized, equipped and trained fighters. Few people understand the difficulty of doing that, especially when under fire. As a last resort, it will become a futile exercise for many, providing delaying actions until better solutions can be found. But few of those fighters will survive to see the outcome.

There are much better methods for resisting tyranny. We're winning a lot of court cases. We're swaying a lot of the apathetic middle to disapprove tyranny and their expanding insanity. It takes time, but so do wars. Polls indicate a blowout victory for the resistance in November. The new congress and state houses will require persistent encouragement and oversight to continue the successes, leading to a change in the executive in 2024. That, too, requires persistence by the public to keep them on task, including meting out punishment for the perpetrators of the disasters of the last two years.

Complacency guarantees continued oppression and defeat. Successful societies rely on more effective tactics than old fashioned brute force. Force is the tyrant's game.

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Yours was a good break down of what we know and how it may be helpful

making changes in the future. The picture seems very bleak to me. Then,

I am a woman, south of middle age, or would that be north? Get it?

"There are much better methods for resisting tyranny. We're winning a lot of court cases. We're swaying a lot of the apathetic middle to disapprove tyranny and their expanding insanity. It takes time, but so do wars." And,

"Complacency guarantees continued oppression and defeat. Successful societies rely on more effective tactics than old fashioned brute force. Force is the tyrant's game."

I originally tuned back in to amend my earlier comment, where I forgot my burning question.

Where are our men? Many families have suffered greatly from US policies. We need not

list them. Some have lost children to imported lethal drugs. Where are the services for

these addictions and resources for mental health services? Free safe needle kits?

Where are the fathers, where is the outrage? Should their outrage become unbearable?

Might they ever practice an-eye-for-an-eye? I sigh.

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A fundamental law of physics, as we understand it, is called entropy, which says everything deteriorates unless maintenance is performed to keep it clean and functional. People too. It's natural in prosperous times for people to become soft and lazy, and to shirk traditional responsibilities. We need to find a way to motivate people to take responsibility for themselves and those in their care.

One way is hard times. Michael Hopf famously said hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make hard times. We never seem able to find the right equilibrium, and endlessly cycle from good times to bad. Times have gotten pretty bad, so strong men and good times ahead seem likely. Maybe this time we can make it stick. Probably not. Learning from our mistakes doesn't seem to be our strength.

I'm always saddened to hear some people assume women aren't strong enough to help. Especially women. I was in a dispute recently with a woman who became offended when I said she could learn to prevent her own rape. Women are smaller and weaker than men, generally, but some men also are smaller and weaker than others. We compete by maximizing the capabilities we have, not by trying to match our adversaries capabilities. Most strong men rely on their size and don't try to maximize any skills. If you can't beat them in their game, change the game. I can teach any woman in about an hour to destroy those men. So I would also ask, where are the strong mothers? Apparently they've gotten weaker, too.

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Strong women can be and are in the front-line of preserving hearth and family.

It would be very odd that a woman would or could lead a charge of men fighting

any form of battle with bad actors. Women are intuitive and their opinion can be valuable

in developing strategies. Women are certainly strong enough to be of help in a support

role. A woman with a spotter, trained, could play a vital role.

Strong men that would make change, punish a criminal act or acts, can serve as invaluable

role models to like minded men, those would be hesitant to take a task to hand. Men are

competitive, and do want and need coaching and leadership. IMO, based on much time

spent with men, quietly observing and largely going unnoticed. Men in a group challenging

other men with a strange cruelty is something to see.

I am thinking that many rapes occur quickly, B4 a woman is even aware of what is happening.

The couple might be in the throes or intoxicated or there might be music blaring and man

might not hear the "no" or "stop"...

On the street is another story, without a weapon in hand a woman would need to fight dirty/

her very life might depend on it. Usually, being shorter, the woman is closer to a man's

main vulnerability. Grab and twist or twist and shout while pulling for the team in a rope pull action. Would you teach that?

I would agree that people can grow soft and lazy, shirk responsibility, and become mentally

and physically weak. Men and women both can fall prey to this. Men can fall to beer and sports games while women can fall to vanity and fashion. Gratefully there are sharp contrasts.

Rural people generally work harder and longer as they might strive for greater independence

and self reliance. They are more likely to home school and integrate children into farm or

rural chores/skills and habits.

Some women do not rely on men at all, some men will not depend on women at all.

Most often when people play traditional roles both men and women are strong.

Living in the big city I was a part of a 25 member group of women that got together

often enough, with more or less participating. From the larger group, and after about 25

yrs. later, only 2 were still married to the original man. Many never remarried, and a few had 2

more marriages. Education? Minimum BA or BS, many with a Masters, and a couple of PhDs.

What did this last have to do with your comments or the price of bananas? I don't know, I

just added it in. Thank for your comment. Would you share your teaching of small woman

can defeat stronger man? I weigh in at a grand <100#.

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Yes I would, and often do. But not in public. I'd recommend you start with a local martial arts class. Krav Maga has the most direct and immediate benefit. If you visit a class you'll find several small but self confident women. Complete Krav Maga is a good introduction. Most women accept the societal expectations of submissive victim hood which perpetuates the submission and victimization we so often see. Volunteer victims aren't really victims, they're collaborators. Apparently a lot of people prefer it that way.

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TY David for answering my question.

Very kind.

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